Constructively Disruptive Leadership

–Leading Dragons vidcast with Special Guest Dennis Pitocco

Our very special guest is Dennis Pitocco, the founder of BIZCATALYST 360°, an award-winning media channel whose purpose is to showcase talent from all over the world, not “for-profit” but “for good”. Dennis will share with us his story about how he left the banking industry after 30 years to create a global media digest and a non-profit foundation and what stepping into the unknown actually meant for him. Tune in for some inspiring stories for the heart and spirit. Who knows, it might just ignite you into action.

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Deborah Abbott
Deborah Abbott
“The Dragon is the symbol of the spirit: the Leading Dragon is the one who finds their own path by standing in their power and choosing to lead from a space of Courage versus a space of Fear.” Inspired by Taoist teachings that helped her heal from severe burnout, Deborah is the founder of Leading Dragons, the mission of which is to bring the human spirit into organisations and bridge old systems with the new, by evolving and growing against the changes. Her core values are Growth, Integrity, and Connectedness: She honours these daily in her work as a strategic business partner, intuitive workshop facilitator, and co-designer for innovative ways. Deborah is known to bring her Dragon Magic into her workshops by “holding the space” for her corporate clients to tap into their resourcefulness and collective intelligence. Deborah accompanies leaders from SMEs and larger organisations, typically enabling them to turn around complicated and seemingly unresolvable situations: Dysfunctional teams become high-performing; employee engagement is enhanced; turnaround times are boosted and collective creativity is fuelled by newly-found energy. She is genuinely curious in others and accompanies leaders and their teams as they break through old thinking patterns and find creative solutions. Every piece of work she does is done in light of serving others as she finds joy in helping people grow and thrive organically, individually, and collectively. She works beyond frontiers, serving and thriving in multi-cultural and multi-dimensional organisations, from biotech companies in L.A. to International Organisations in Geneva, Switzerland. Deborah hosts bi-weekly Leading Dragons videocasts with Dragons and is about to launch the Leading Dragons Community. She is also an ambassador for Humans First and co-moderates weekly Clubhouse deep dives. Mum of Gabriel (13y) and Selma (10y), she practices self-care with a disciplined yoga routine as well as other activities such as running and - more recently - rowing. She is also a fervent adventurer and traveler and, when inspired, expresses her creativity through writing and painting.

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  1. Thx Deborah for this inspiring and informative interview with one of the true “Greats of our time”…Dennis! He celebrates humanity as he strives for a better world – He rates high promoting the good of man and encountering your fellow man along with encompassing so much more…
    The world need s more measurable men like this!
    Thankfully, Loree XX

  2. Deborah/Dennis: Very enlightening and motivating interview that is a great refresher course for many of us. Integrity, humanity, doing what is right, etc. All attributes that are so easily lost in this hurly, burly, dangerous time we live in. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and observatios.

  3. Deborah,
    You picked a great guest in Dennis for this episode🙏
    Great questions and discussion.
    There are people, and there are humans, there are those who are both. When authentic meets leadership, you get the truth. Dennis is one of the most altruistic people I know.
    It is a great blessing to my life to have the gift of friendship from someone like Dennis, who with his sense of dignity in full capacity, has taken initiative and followed the path of his heart. I am so grateful to Dennis and his wife Aly, as they have done something here so incredible, they put up the welcome sign for humanity to be inspired, and we as guests, found a safe place to dwell.
    Thank you both for this

    I really liked the line “come to Jesus moments” Dennis, It really is the pivotal equivalent of a springboard over a cliff… where you give it all back to him in trust. Spreading your wings in his love