I would like to contribute this to you (the reader’s) future:

When we observe people, we primarily notice their differences, height, weight, hair color, age, looks, job, talent, wealth, marital status, etc. We tend to focus on the unique combination of characteristics that makes one person different from another. This is very natural and practical for our day-to-day living, yet often we focus on these differences to such an extent that they become all we notice about a person.

Consider the possibility of looking at people and focusing not on the differences, but on their similarities. If we make this small but significant change, we will experience the world change. We will come to realize that the things that make people different are the things that are most variable, and the things we all have in common are the most permanent, the most consistent.

We will touch the heart of consistency when we begin to base our identity on the parts of ourselves that do not change, the fundamental qualities that are common to all people.

Living an extraordinary life comes from who we are, and if it is to be consistent, then who we must be is consistent. Consider that we are not really a manager, carpenter, therapist, student, runner, artist, low handicapper in golf, etc. This is what we do.

Living extraordinarily is about moving beyond these mere concepts. This level of knowledge allows for the self-concepts to stop changing; it allows us to stop thinking of who we are and ‘actually’ experience and express it – consistently. To the question about what doesn’t change. Consider that living an extraordinary life that we look for in others, ourselves, backswings and downswings in golf, in our job, and in our relationships, is not only inside us, it is us.

Brian Sommer
Brian Sommerhttps://www.cdiglobal.com/en/our-firm/cdi-global-members/brian-sommer
Brian is a Partner and Mind Power Certified Coach with CDI Global LLC an international M&A firm with offices, and partners worldwide. CDI Global has been in business for over 48 years and completed thousands of transactions in more than 25 industries; traditionally working with corporations on middle market-sized transactions. While at CDI Global Brian has worked on assignments in the aerospace & defense, cement, chemicals, computer services, energy, HVAC, oil & gas, mining and machinery, pulp & paper, security, and sports and leisure industries.  Brian also coaches high-performing individuals in business, education, and sports around the world on how to break through all negative barriers to enhance performance, strategies, productivity, and earnings using the world’s most Elite Mindpower Coaching Programs.  Brian is a former college business school professor, where he designed, developed, and built undergraduate and graduate-level Entrepreneurship Programs. In addition, working closely with other universities in the Southeast US, helping them design and develop entrepreneurship and innovation programs. He is currently a member of the Disruptive Leadership Program’s Advisory Board at Stetson University. Brian is an avid golfer, carrying a +3 handicap, is a former teaching professional at the Stratton Golf University in Stratton Mountain Vermont. Brian has also held the position of assistant golf coach for both the men’s and women’s golf teams at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida.