Connecting with The Sacred Journey (Part 1)

–Sacred Symbols and Activation

A simple Exercise to foster Connection

“. . I find it interesting that Sacred Revolution is also Sacred Evolution. There are times when revolting is necessary to evolve. They go hand and hand. The revolt of the external world as well as my internal world become fields of “battle” and peace as the chains of oppression are released and LIBERATION and FREEDOM fills the space. I can choose the degree of difficulty or ease of this transformation and embodiment into SACRED POWER. With reverence I fly and stand at the same time, in the same space and in every space. Many deaths of myself I have experienced along the way clearing the path of resurrections. Unknown to me what it will look like, I know LOVE takes its place and fuels the power. Peace and patience, I integrate. Sometimes I just need to rest the body, mind and soul, remember to also celebrate with AWE this moment of life that I am woven into. . .


The above writing was inspired while in a brief (1-2 minute) meditation on Sacred Geometry of the Symbol Yantra Kali. I did not know the meaning of the symbol prior to this moment when I decided to share the channeled writing. Before reading about the Kali-Yantra Symbol I encourage you to simply look at the image, breathe and take it in. Trust you will know when you are complete, and allow yourself a 1-3 minutes of time to write down what comes to your mind while you looked at it. (Hint: There all answers are correct and what is meant to come through you in that moment. Each time you do this practice, you may have a different response to the symbol.)

Reference the symbol: 

There are many ways to work with energy invoked through Sacred Geometry and mandalas. Just looking at the symbol will activate light and codes which exist within you. Try the above exercise and experience what happens for you.

Please share your experience (writing, painting, drawing, thoughts) and wisdom that comes through you…

Remember to OPEN your HEART while doing the exercise. Breathing is supportive.



P.S. I purposely, did not include the definition of the symbol, to allow you a “clean space” to receive your own guidance by simply looking at the symbol without or limited influence.


Gina Lobito
Gina Lobito
I AM Gina Lobito. I offer Bodywork, Coaching & Workshops to support you navigate Ascension and Spiritual Awakening with a focus on Self Mastery. During my 14 ½ year career in Law Enforcement, I witnessed this interesting evolution. New hires would go from excitement and openness to loss of compassion and a hardened exterior. I also witnessed myself do this same transformation. It did not feel good in my body and being. I remember saying to myself, “I do not want to lose compassion for life!” Wow! What a VOW I just made to bring Compassion to the world. Little did I know this VOW activated a spark within my heart, which now I would describe as my SOUL’S calling. I stepped on a Path of Self Mastery. This calling has evolved to support others develop Foundational Skills to navigate their Awakening Process. Every soul will go through an Awakening Process in Divine Time. The experience of the Awakening is unique to each soul and is infinite I now realize opening my HEART and SOUL transformed the way I experience life. Self-Mastery is an infinite continuum of soul evolution, heart-opening, expansion, and awareness you are part of the whole of life. Directly connected to the universe and primordial light. The expansion of the Heart bridges the Mystical and Physical worlds, using the physical body as a conduit to support the ascension of the planet and universe through the Soul’s inner journey of Ascension and Self Mastery. I believe every SOUL has a unique sound and purpose waiting to be cultivated and ignited and expressed. The Age of Transformation and Illumination is NOW. It’s time to experience life from your SOUL and the power of your Higher And collaborate with life more fully. Certifications: Certified Bodyworker, Advanced Crystal Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, Nature Connected Life Coach, and Advanced Student of Self Mastery. Education: Diamond Light School of Massage Healing Arts; San Francisco School of Massage and Bodywork; The Power Path School of Shamanism, Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy; Seven Sacred Flames Wisdom School; Earth Based Institute, and Amanda Ellis’ Angelic Celestial Colors Metatron Healing Level I.; CSU, Fullerton BA in Criminal Justice.

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