Computer Recycling Is Dedicated To The Wealth and Health Of Our Planet

If not properly recycled, electronic waste (or e-waste) can be hazardous to the environment and our overall health. Known toxins like mercury & chromium can seep into the soil or air, rendering crops & water unusable. By choosing to responsibly recycle obsolete computers or mobile devices, individuals can limit the need to mine for additional resources to construct new equipment, improving the environment and keeping prices in check.


E-waste is an umbrella term for various technology devices that fall into two specific categories: internet devices and non-internet devices. Regardless of their connectivity, it is important to recycle these items for the reasons listed above & more.

Non-internet devices include plug or battery-powered equipment ranging from stereos & boomboxes to older TVs, copiers & MP3 players. Since they are usually much larger than digital devices, there is more to reuse. Additional items that fall into this category are clocks & watches, electronic gaming consoles, and microwaves to name just a few.

Internet devices are more complicated because they usually have some amount of memory storage, which makes taking them to an e-waste recycling & data destruction specialist like Computer Recycling especially important. Internet devices include laptops, monitors, & keyboards. Mobile devices such as smartphones are also considered e-waste.

Devices have a higher risk of data hacking with more connectivity. Mobile devices are easily accessible everywhere, and depending on the device, data can be accrued all day. Certain businesses have strong data security protocols in place, including hospitals and legal practices.

The Electronic Waste Recycling Act

The Electronic Waste Recycling Act was established in 2003. Through this law, a funding system was created to assist with the collection of electronic waste. This was done to help encourage environmental protection.

Air pollution and respiratory health issues can occur from improper disposal of e-waste. When electronics are shredded or melted, various acidic toxic fumes (such as dioxins) are released into the air. Diseases affecting the digestive & nervous systems are more likely to occur when e-waste is burned and inhaled.

In addition to environmental damage, electronic waste has an impact on the economy; specifically, manufacturing new electronic devices. Without proper e-waste & laptop recycling, plastics and certain metals such as copper cannot be reused. By manufacturing more electronics from nonrenewable sources, the cost of tech devices will increase beyond the rate of inflation.

The Electronic Waste Recycling Act provides an efficient system for collecting electronic waste. By making recycling options more widespread & accessible, anyone can find an a simple method of eliminating the devices they no longer use while keeping harmful materials away from where they don’t belong.

Computer Recycling

Recycling computers & other e-waste is a simple solution for those looking to rid themselves of devices they no longer have a use for. Experienced companies like Computer Recycling also offer thorough data security services. Trained professionals with experience in security issues can protect personal information from becoming public.

Data security is imperative in this day and age. Because data has become a valuable commodity, businesses and individuals should take measures to protect their personal information. Since many people are unaware of data security practices, the process may seem foreign or complicated.

Physical destruction is often not beneficial to the recycling process. If small devices are damaged, they may not be suitable for reuse. It is not suggested that individuals perform physical destruction of devices on their own. The casing is often made from durable material and is not likely to split or crack easily. Toxins and other potentially harmful materials contained within devices can also be hazardous to someone who is not a recycling professional.

Computer Recycling can handle data destruction for customers who do not know how to remove sensitive data from their computer or smartphone. Devices that no longer turn on are still able to retain data. For questions or further explanation, a specialist from Computer Recycling can assist you.

Storage Options

Other popular services offered include the drop-off and pick-up options. Through the drop-off container program, those who recycle a high volume can easily access an open e-waste container. This is a particularly attractive option for businesses that do not want to haul electronics to an off-site location.

If electronic waste containers are not big enough, covered electronics storage units are also available. Businesses that are located in non-gated communities may prefer this option. When the storage container is full, Computer Recycling will quickly replace it with another one.

Storage containers can hold a variety of devices. Some of these include computers, televisions, printers, fax machines, dehumidifiers, portable air conditioners, heaters, cameras, cable attachments, printers, propane tanks, scanners, DVD players, and wires.

Who Can Dispose Of Electronic Waste?

Businesses, schools, hospitals, and other large institutions all benefit from the recycling of electronics. Because there are so many people involved in these industries, there is usually a wealth of technology. Technology for many of these businesses must also be current for certain software systems to work. Because they have especially sensitive data that involves patients, clients & employees, electronics recycling is crucial.

Recycling is highly beneficial to individuals as well, because the part of obsolete devices can be repurposed in new equipment going forward, making technology more affordable & accessible for all of us.

If more people could recycle their devices instead of improperly disposing of them, toxins and pollutants could be neutralized. Companies like Computer Recycling were established to protect the privacy of their customers’ data and the environment.

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