The Competencies of a Recruitment Consultant – 3. Analysing

By Angela Cripps, Featured Contibutor

THIS ARTICLE IS written to aid both managers and consultants in the recruitment industry. This is the 3rd post in a series of twelve. We’ve already had: –

1. The Competencies of a Recruitment Consultant – Planning

2. The Competencies of a Recruitment Consultant – Monitoring

3. Analysing

This week we will focus on analysing. The act is described in the dictionary as to examine in detail in order to discover meaning, essential features’ 


Last week we spent time and effort monitoring, so if you’re not going to analyse the information that you gained, then what was the point of doing it? As the purpose states, it’s about finding meaning to the stats and creating your plan from that meaning.

I also helped organise the APSCo members meeting that took place in Birmingham last week and the topic was Metrics and Analytics and how they can help your business. There was a panel discussion and it was pretty unanimous that companies need to be analysing their data.

A great example that Dan McGuire from Cube19 shared was that SThree were measuring their interview to placement ratio (as I believe every company should). When they actually looked deeper at the detail they found some really helpful and useful information from the metrics.

They analysed the interview to placement ratio from positions where they had only had one interview, then they looked at the positions where they had had three interviews. Now you’d expect it to be better of course, but the ratio was 20 times better if they made sure they had three interviews for a position instead of just one, now that’s a metric you can do something with!


Purpose: – The purpose for a recruitment consultant is to utilise market and competitor information, as well as internal information to understand the implications on their business.  Then to adapt their business activity to reflect these changes and incorporate them into their plan.

questions answers

Questions to determine analysing competence: –

1.    Tell me about the types of analysis you do in your business?

  • What elements of your business do you analyse?
  • What trends do you look at?
  • What actions have you taken as a result of analysing those trends?

2.    Describe to me the kinds of market and competitor information that you analyse:

  • What does that tell you about your own business?
  • How have you used the information?
  • What impact has the information had on your business plan?

3.    Give me an example of a time when, as a result of analysing your business you have implemented change:

  • What was the change you implemented?
  • What impact did it have?
  • How did you measure/monitor the impact?

High level performance

High level of competence shown: –

  • Whilst staying focussed on analysis of current business needs, they also spend time considering longer term potential opportunities
  • They consider consequences and implications of actions to be taken as a result of analysis at all times; posing the question ‘what if’
  • They use external/competitor information when analysing the business

Each week I’m tackling a new competency and I will follow the same format of purpose, questions and three examples of what a high level of competency would look like.


Angela Cripps
Angela Cripps
ANGELA has 25 years of experience in the recruitment industry and calls herself an industry advocate - anything that raises standards and Angela is likely to have a link to it somewhere. A professional trainer for the past 15 years, her LinkedIn profile shows she currently works for industry bodies. As a select member of our BizProphets "thought leadership" Panel, her expert insights afford industry participants the tools necessary to master the art of recruitment.

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