Community Empowerment Starts with a Community Biolab

The world is shifting. We can feel it in our bones. And parts of us get scared. What if the water comes and we’re not ready? What if a wildfire will destroy all? What if a hurricane manages to make space for new things to emerge and destroys my life in the process?

Well, it can happen. Or not.

We do not know what the future holds. We only have the current moment. The choice we make right now. The step we take today. The serendipity moment that makes us chuckle. Life is constantly unfolding.

We can have Abundanism. Abundance with the power of glocal community. And you know what? It’s immense fun to be on this journey! We are empowering communities with permaculture and phytofarming, Biolabs, 3D printing, local electronics, resonance science, and loads of fun. Let the celebration of human ingenuity in collaboration with Mother Earth begin unfolding.

Here is how we do it. And of course, we’re very curious to hear from locals within communities how you do it. We are part of the undercurrent of change…

Projects Without Investment

With Abundanism, we create projects on the ground.  With locals. Starting without money. So, anybody can copy our journey and create their own journey. For their own community. We walk our talk in the shift from industrialism to local community production.

This October, we landed in Paralio Astros, a village that’s part of 24 (nearly deserted out of season) villages in the Peloponnesus, Greece. And became part of the Meraki People here. We will stay at least until spring next year, maybe longer. The first thing we do is look around us and see what we can start creating with first. We saw the olive orchards on the hills and mountains. Some of these trees were even here before the Greeks came. And we knew that we would do something with olives.

And with David outsmarting Goliath.

The vision is big. We will break the resource hegemony of China by phytofarming with perennial plants, a biolab, 3D printing, and decentralized electronics. Community driven. And while we’re at it, we restore ecosystems and go fully organic. That’s a good vision, don’t you think? But how?

Well, let me give you a small peek into our recipe.

  • Ecosystem restoration comes first. We’ll regenerate the olive orchard and solve the problem of the spittlebug and the Xylilla bacteria with biodiversity. Of course, we will involve universities and all level schools. Attract lots of young people and make it fun. They’ll learn and share and spread among young entrepreneurs in the culture and tourism sectors too
  • We will look at indigenous seeds and plant new olive trees that are resistant and strong
  • In short: we are on our way to wild olive farming
  • We create a Biolab at the heart of the community of villages, Astros. We combine the phytofarming with perennial plants with biochemistry and the alchemy of plants and trees. Plants and trees are accumulators of minerals and metals. They can even accumulate gold, cobalt, and lithium so we can 3D-print our own phones. Wouldn’t that be cool?
  • We are connected to the science people of 3D printing materials who are now working on full biodegradability of the materials. And we are connected to the scientist behind the Superformula (the Belgian Professor Johan Gielis), which will save a factor 1 million data transfer for one 3-D printing design. So we will be optimizing the system big time if it succeeds
  • Local production becomes suddenly not only possible, but something every community will wish and long for! And because you can start it without money (which we will prove using our social capital and limited social media skills), anyone can do it. Any youngster, who is now desperately running behind Greta Thunberg, getting so depressed they sometimes even consider suicide, can start doing it. We just have to reach them and that’s what my stories are for. I even started to do YouTube films now (reluctantly, I feel great resistance with selfies, but it’s for the good cause)
  • The power games of banks will be cracked by DAOs. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations on blockchain
  • The next hard nut to crack to go decentral is electricity. But the scarcity and power games around oil and gas and windmills are helping us to get there. Prices are going through the roof now and as soon as communities know they can be David, they will want the change! David will defeat Goliath. One house, in one village, in one region, in one country, on one Planet.

It will need a lot of stories, and changed mindsets, to get there but we’re onto it with a big group of international people. Biomimicry, Blue Economy, regeneration. Cities are often using doughnut economy or circular economy. They are all good steps if the people who are changing mindsets see the bigger vision.

Little David will defeat the giant Goliath

Unified Water Movement

Of course, there’s even more. I sometimes don’t know what to write first to clarify our bigger vision. There’s the Unified Water Movement. Water is resonance. Water shows everyone that we are connected to Nature, Gaia, Mother Earth.

Everyone can understand that all water drops have gone through our body and the rivers and the oceans many times. Via drinking and peeing. Via breathing vapor in air. We will all remember through water what our journey needs to be on this Earth. My advice? Drink water, make your body alkaline (a little organic, or food-grade, baking soda in water on an empty stomach), swim, pee, and be happy.

The resonance scientists will give us the next evolutionary step. The Austrian scientist Viktor Schauberger gave us vortexes. It’s just the very natural way rivers cleanse themselves.

The Croation/Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla gave us free energy via frequencies and vibrations. By now, the resonance scientists know how to do it too. Energy creation from vacuum. Available for all communities around the world when we have gone decentral. Because the resonance scientists also know that every technology can be hijacked for weapons and wars. And we as humanity have to prevent that Tesla’s truth will destroy us all.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.

 ~Nikola Tesla.

So, that’s why I love to talk to women, children, and conscious men. We have to make the group that understands big enough to prevent the hijacking of technology for weapons.

Feminine Leadership Needed Badly

How do we prevent war and the hijack of technologies? See it like a football stadium. If you have 100 hooligans in an empty stadium, there will be no stadium left. Complete destruction in half an hour. But if you put the 100 hooligans in between 30,000 joyous families they are harmless. That’s how pathogens are kept harmless in micro-organism communities. We always want to kill the few pathogens and viruses (hooligans) in an organism (group). And as a result, we will have killed all the good bacteria (people) too.

We really have to get better at keeping everything and everyone alive and thriving …

Raising consciousness is all-important now. Supporting all others in the undercurrent of change. It’s only a few people at the top of the pyramid who control us all now. We can manage to make the hooligans harmless with our huge amounts of families…

Only Philosophizing and Studying

But we have to stop only philosophizing and studying. Everything we need to make a huge quantum leap into a good future for all has already been invented. So, let’s get practical and solve the important issues in real life right now! Too many people are suffering all over the world!

It all starts in the communities. Forget the multinationals for a bit. They are the power gamers right now. If they reach out to me, they really have to prove themselves worthy and willing to phase out all pollution and waste through new business modeling and fractal scaling in the next 5 years. I cannot wait for asleep leaders to get conscious. The bunch of important-looking men flying around in their private jets trying to convince each other (of what?) at COP26 won’t save the world if they don’t first become conscious.

So, in the meantime, Mike and I are part of the village here in Greece. Together with locals, we’ll break the hegemony of monoculture farming, synthetic chemistry, synthetic pharma, resource ownership, water, and electricity. Health and comfort for all are human rights.

Our aim is to give heath and comfort to all locals in the world. Will you join us?

One olive orchard, or farm, or garden at a time, unfolding like crystals to reach every olive orchard on the whole coast of the Mediterranean… Unfolding even bigger to reach every continent and every community and every baby in the world. Freedom for all humans and all species!

Resiliently playing with the moods of Mother Nature…

Upcoming Book Abundanism

If you want to support our work, you can do so via Patreon. If you want to be kept informed of our progress or want to talk, go to our website for a newsletter or a short free call.

We are very busy with olives and locals. And crystalline unfolding of resilience.

If you want more, you’ll have to wait for the first book. I hope to have finished it and found a worthy publisher by February 15, 2022. Any interested publishers are welcome to contact me. We haven’t decided on our partner yet. The date BizCatalyst 360° resumes publishing happens to be my birthday. Good serendipity.

Or you can book a paid longer call. Sorry for that. It’s just my own paradox: the impactful balance of money, time, and freedom.

I consider hosting zoom calls for consultants and coaches (max 8 people, 6 weeks, a call once a week) who I will enlighten on the tools we use, if there’s enough interest. Contact me if you would want to join.

See you around in this world full of change-makers …


Désirée Driesenaar
Désirée Driesenaar
I'm a bilingual writer and project member in regenerative projects. I explore, inspire, and educate about new economy, ecology, entrepreneurship, regeneration, and science to understand where we're going in the evolution. How to ensure that our great-great-grandchildren will have a healthy Planet to live their lives on. New narratives will change current toxic human systems into true living systems, in line with Natural laws. I’m always curious. Just radical, friendly, curious me. My old mum, two bonus-daughters, and three bonus-grandsons live in The Netherlands. My husband and I live a nomadic life, going to projects where we are asked to contribute. Sharing online and in books about our insights and adventures. And I just love to write. Reality. Fiction. Poetry. When my fingers craft the words, I’m happy… My work has been published in Cosmopolitan (fiction), many anthologies, magazines, and on Medium. My drive is to enlighten. And inspire. My professional contributions to the world vary from being an external advisor to the EU Commission to putting my hands in healthy soil to writing poetry and beyond. In my view, we are going from the Anthropocene where humans tried to rule the planet, to the Syntropocene where we give the ruler role back to Gaia. Nature. The Universe. And learn how to play our own wise role in the evolution. As a humble (and smart) part of Nature.

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  1. Excellent article Desiree,

    “How do we prevent war and the hijack of technologies?”

    The million-dollar question …It seems you have answered within the body of this article…It all boils down to raising the consciousness of humanity as a whole.

    This whole ‘Nation under God’ thing needs to develop within a unified field of consciousness as we become our own ‘collective’ of thought leaders instead of the followers we all have been for centuries…We have been made to fear going against the grain because those who do are ridiculed for questioning the status-quo and daring to think for themselves.

    Nikola Tesla suffered at the hands of such energies of ‘ill doing’ and had his technology seized upon his death.

    It takes these ‘grassroots’ movements of collective energies headed by those with not only considerable intelligence, but also those with strategic knowledge and compassion for human suffering to stand up to “Goliath’ and all his cronies with the deep pockets.