Common Misconceptions About Personal Injury Lawyers

If you don’t spend a lot of time with lawyers or if you’ve never had to hire a personal injury attorney, then you may not have a lot of information. In fact, if you’re about to hire an attorney, you might feel like you’re overwhelmed or in over your head. You already have a lot to deal with if you are suffering from a personal injury. Counsel shopping can feel worse than that. Before you contact an attorney, debunking some of the misconceptions about personal injury cases may help.

Insurance Will Cover Your Costs

When it comes to the costs of your injuries, you probably have the most questions. In fact, most even want to consider what damages are taxable under law. In general, most physical injuries are not taxable. However, unlike taxes, it’s harder to tell when you’re going to have an insurance company that pays all of your costs and when you have one that pays less or not at all. Your insurance company may not cover the costs. Likewise, someone else’s insurance policy may refuse to pay. You have every right to fight a refusal and a lawyer will help make sure that you can stand up and fight.

The Person Responsible Has to Pay

You may think that it’s cut and dry when it comes to being paid for your injuries. If there is a responsible party, they owe you the money. While this sounds reasonable, it’s not necessarily how it works. Personal injury law and liability are complicated. There are less black and white rules when it comes down to it. Lawyers help you work out the details. You can figure out with an attorney how much you can sue the responsible party for.

Lawyers Won’t Deal with Minor Injuries

Many people believe that if the injuries aren’t serious enough that an attorney will not handle it. What you need to take into consideration is how much was spend in medical bills and how much you lost in terms of wages while injured. These numbers matter. These are the costs that will help you receive compensation.

If you’re considering hiring an attorney for your personal injury case, to have an attorney on your side will help you more than it will hurt you. The legal work involved in a personal injury case is complex and difficult for everyday people to navigate. When you have legal counsel at your side, it’s easier to have peace of mind.

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