Common Misconceptions about Business Cybersecurity

The modern business is more computerised than it ever has been. Thus, security concerns have broadened to encompass a wide range of digital threats, as well as physical ones. And yet, for all of the attention that is rightly given to cybersecurity, there are still some persistent misconceptions which even high-level decision-makers haven’t yet managed to shake off. Let’s take a look at a few of the more egregious of them, and see if we can set the record straight.

Some Businesses Do not Need to Worry

The most dangerous myth is felt mostly by smaller operations which have very limited digital components. But the truth is that if your business relies on emails, websites or social media – even if it’s just to a very small degree – then you need to worry about a potential breach.

Viruses are more dangerous than Phishing

While malicious software is out there, and it’s worth regularly updating the software you use to repel it, the greater danger for many businesses are phishing attacks. Phishing is a practice whereby an attacker uses a fake website to trick you into volunteering false information. The best protection against this is education: everyone who works for the company should understand the risks and how to counter them.

Risk is Outsourced

If you’re handed control of your IT to an independent outside firm, then you might assume that they’ll be carrying most of the risk. But this is not the case. Unless you’ve taken out a dedicated insurance policy which specifically includes a cyber component (often called cyber insurance) the chances are that you aren’t going to be protected against losses incurred as a result of cybersecurity breaches.

I don’t need to worry; I don’t carry data

Loss of data is a big risk for modern businesses, but it isn’t the only one. If your website is compromised, or your email is blocked, or your computer system is used to create a backdoor to someone else’s, then you could well find yourself in serious trouble.

Cybersecurity is Easily Understood

Another trap to fall into is complacency. Once we’ve gotten an understanding of the basics of password strength and two-factor authentication, we tend to assume that we know it all. This is a dangerous form of the Dunning-Kruger effect. The fact is that the treats to your business are constantly evolving, and thus your approach to cybersecurity must evolve in response. That means regular audits and stress-testing.

Cybersecurity is bulletproof

While modern cybersecurity tools are incredibly sophisticated, the truth is that so are the tools and techniques of the people looking to circumvent them. If even massive corporations like Sony and Apple can be hacked, then the chances are that your business, too, is vulnerable. Reason enough for vigilance!

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