Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver’s been around for hundreds of years, along with colloidal gold and copper. They were widely used in doctors’ surgeries and hospitals around the world approximately a hundred years ago, for the powerful and scientifically proven healing properties they possess.

Colloidal silver has many healing properties, and is essentially a natural anti-biotic, and like other natural and relatively freely available healing remedies and modalities (which couldn’t be patented), it was gradually discredited and predominantly removed from mainstream practices by the all-powerful pharmaceutical industry.

The main way that colloidal silver helps heal the body is by blocking the ability of bacteria and viruses to “breath.” The silver stifles the enzymes that pathogens need to survive, thereby suffocating the pathogen.

Unlike antibiotics, colloidal silver will not kill off beneficial organisms in your gut.

Health Benefits

Colloidal silver has numerous potential health benefits. These include:

  • Boost immunity by suffocating pathogens before they can cause illness
  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Help heal skin conditions, including as an antiseptic topical treatment for burns, thrush, periodontitis, and more. Very effective for treating styes and cold sores, for example
  • Effective in reduction of pain from toothache
  • As an antibacterial, especially to treat antibiotic-resistant diseases. Because of the way it works to suffocate pathogens, colloidal silver does not create resistance or immunity in the pathogens that it kills
  • As an antiviral that can potentially provide benefits for pneumonia, herpes, shingles, warts, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, and more
  • To treat sinusitis. Researchers found that using colloidal silver as a nasal spray is an effective treatment for chronic rhinosinusitis
  • To treat conjunctivitis, which is also known as “pink eye”


You can buy a product on the market that is essentially ‘micro’-colloidal silver, where the size of the silver particles in the solution are in the order of micrometres, and this can be reasonably effective, but it’s not as powerful as it could be, and certainly not as effective as the solutions that I’ve been able to produce and am about to describe.

One of the governing factors over the effectiveness of the medicine is the silver particle surface area relative to the total volume of silver in the solution. If you reduce the average size of the silver particles, then you increase the overall surface area exposed and increase the effectiveness of the medicine in the body.

What I produce is termed ‘nano’-colloidal silver, where the particle size is in the order of nanometres. My nano-colloidal silver has been described as ‘Magic Water’!

Scale Factor

A micrometre (µm) is 1000’th of a millimetre (mm). And a nanometre (nm) is 1000’th of a micrometre.

So, 1mm = 1000µm, and 1 µm = 1000nm
So, 1mm = 1,000,000nm, or 1nm = 0.000001mm

Increasing Surface Area Relative to Volume Example:

So, if you apply the micron to nanometre scale factor described, you can see that by reducing the particle size from micrometres to nanometres, you’re increasing the exposed surface area significantly, and this is why nano particulate colloidal silver is so much more powerful and effective in the body, than solutions containing larger silver particle sizes.

But that’s not all I do to increase the effectiveness of the solution!

At this point I’ll say that water is one of the most abundantly present substances on the earth, which has the least amount of widely understood knowledge available, surrounding its properties and powers, and the things that you can do with it, and particularly surrounding the effect of contamination, the form and state that it’s in, and how you can manipulate it to provide the greatest benefit to health and wellbeing, not just for humans, but also for any living organism, such as animals, plants and trees.

Some time ago my mentor did an experiment to prove this concept, where he took two beds of identical soil and planted identical lettuce seeds in each bed. He then watered one bed with ordinary tap water and the other with tap water that he had restructured using a Cherokee Gold restructuring filter, which can be seen here:

The results were significant. The plants in the bed of lettuce that had been watered with the restructured water were at least double the size of the plants watered using direct tap water, and he claims that they tasted better too! I am fairly sure that this could be one of the methods that competition growers can grow such huge melons or cucumbers, for example, for their display pieces.

So, the first thing I do is to restructure the water:

Structured Water

Structured water is living water. It has scientifically proven consciousness and memory. For example, this is how homeopathy works. The water that we receive from the tap, although hydrating, and essentially looking and behaving as we would expect, is essentially ‘dead’ and also prone to contamination and toxins, which in the long term, are not good for the body. It is no longer able to provide the benefits to the body in the same way as healthy, pure, structured water is able to. This is why genuine and authentic natural spring water is so good for you, and tastes so much better than any water from any other source.

The Meniscus

Do you remember in Chemistry lessons in school, where the class was shown a beaker of water, and it was explained that the slight rise of the waterline observed around the top periphery of the water was called the meniscus? The meniscus occurs as a result of surface tension between the water and the glass wall of the beaker, but this contact is also causing the water at that interface to restructure. Relative to the volume of the water in the beaker, the meniscus of the water provides a very small surface area, and hence why only a small fraction of the water in the beaker is restructured in a glass of water.

So, we’re back to the whole surface area to volume relationship, and hence why I went to some length to attempt to explain it previously!

The Water Cycle

So, when water evaporates and rises into the atmosphere and falls as precipitation on the mountains, it passes a number of key stages, which contribute to its vitality and health, when it emerges at the bottom of the mountain. It would make sense to consider that when it falls as fresh rain, then it’s memory has been reset. It’s observed that when you consume water, you’re also consuming the memory that it retains, and that can be positive or negative.

Firstly, at the top of the mountain, it is in nature, and the more natural and undisturbed the nature is, the more positive the effect it has on the water, from an energy and vibrational frequency perspective. If the nature and its environment is one of harmony, then it is likely to absorb that harmony and positive vibrational frequency too.

Secondly, it is likely that it will pass through some of the rock that the mountain is made of, as it finds its way to a natural spring.

The rock that it passes through is likely to contain narrow capillaries, which significantly increases the surface area that the water is subject to, which acts to structure a large portion of the water, if not all of it, by the time it gets to the spring. The width of the capillaries shown in the picture are vastly exaggerated for the clarity of the diagram, so imagine them being much narrower, and providing a much higher surface area exposure to the water.

Thirdly, the action of the whirlpool and eddy currents that it experiences, and the path that it takes, as it cascades down the waterfalls and channels, act to ensure that all the water is restructured by the time that it reaches the bottom of the mountain.


Jonathan R. Tuck
Jonathan R. Tuck
Dr Jonathan R. Tuck is a Holistic Energy Scientist who was introduced to quantum physics during his first degree. He completed his energy-centric doctorate at the University of Oxford in 2001. His deep interest in maths, frequency, vibration, and energy has served him well, and has been at the forefront of his work for the duration of his career, across the spectrum of scientific disciplines, and beyond. He’s studied human psychology and thought energy, and energy healing. He’s a Reiki Master Teacher who gives workshops explaining the phenomenon using quantum physics, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the health and wellbeing arena. In 2014 he cofounded a company who produce ultra-fast-charge energy storage devices, and has further interests and pursuits in energy and healing, for example using both metaphysical and electro-magnetic resonant frequency approaches. His pursuit of native healing and medicine, and pain relief solutions, was inspired by the ramifications of a serious accident that he experienced at the age of 8, where he became disenchanted with the current and established medical system. He performed deep research into the ‘truth’ about human health and wellbeing, and the abundance of other solutions, which have been known about for millennia in addressing health issues around the world. In many cases he’s used himself as a test patient for qualification and substantiation of the various approaches. His passion for understanding mental health issues from first principles has inspired him to research and develop many simple mind techniques, which have proven to be effective to reduce stresses and anxieties, and remove negative blockages and bias. Already an established author in the scientific community, his book ‘A Theory of Everything – Things I Wish I’d Known at Your Age’ was his first mainstream publication, which was originally written for his children. It provides a manual for life and is a step-by-step guide to raising your energy, vibration and frequency, and to attaining a more harmonious, joyful and purposeful existence as a human being on earth. One of the Keys to Developing Stability and Harmony, and Improving Your Mental and Physical Health, Your Life, and Your Interaction with Everything and Everyone in It and Around It, is in Raising Your Energy, Frequency and Vibration – Dr Jonathan R. Tuck

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