Cognitive Biases In Marketing 101

People seem to make crazy decisions. You probably wonder what makes them tick. This changes when you learn a secret. The mind makes shortcuts when in doubt. No person ever knows everything. They just make subconscious bets. This is how humans evolved. There’s six biases for making these bets. Dr. Robert Cialdini discovered them. Marketers have used on his work for years. Read on to learn how they work.

1. Scarcity

The rarer something is, the more everyone wants it. No one likes losing out. This creates a sense of urgency. Sensing urgency gets people to act. This is helps build great landing pages. You can read more about that here.

2. Commitment

People have evolved to favor consistency. The reason is that it’s usually a safer bet. Most minds pick certainty over uncertainty. Many hate to feel like a hypocrite or quitter. Some refer to this as the sunk cost fallacy. Humans try to save their investments even if it costs more. You can apply this principle through simple sign-ups. Keep each page simple. Build upon each page’s commitment. Once someone is half done, they want to finish. It also helps to offer small items at first. This makes it easier to say yes to up-sells. Repeat purchases allow your company to truly profit.

3. Consensus

Consensus is also known as social proof. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Monkey see, monkey do?” Most people learn by copying others. This is a very effective behavior. It helps people avoid reinventing the wheel. Good reviews for a company are potent. The mind assumes this adds proof of safety. Many products go viral by being fun to show off.

4. Reciprocity

It’s too hard doing everything alone. Many have an in-built desire to help others. People who cooperate tend to gain. You can give gifts to customers. A good gift softens cynics. Free information can be very effective. Offer it for an email address for example. Reciprocity works well in sales. You should give rewards for referrals. All parties will gain as a result.

5. Liking

Humans are social creatures. We tend to live in tribes or clans. Everyone has an in-group bias. Smart marketers use it to make sales. Make your company feel like a real group of people. It lets people sense what you stand for. If they’re similar, they’ll want to join. This builds trust and causes word to spread.

6. Authority

Few people are always a leader in life. Most prefer to follow someone with confidence. People with authority can be very persuasive. Authority can be built by citing an authority. It can also be gained through impressive feats. Long track records add authority too. Put this info on your “about us” page.

Closing Thoughts

Applying the 6 principles of influence will attract customers. They’ll feel a natural pull to your company. They won’t know how to describe it. Make sure that you apply these ethically. We live in a digital age. Word can travel the globe in a few seconds. Bad word of mouth would be negative ”pre-suasion”. Keep Dr. Cialdini’s findings in mind. Don’t worry if they sound intimidating. They are connected like a system. Master one at a time to be an expert.

Courtesy of: Icecube Marketing

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