Cloudy Skies In Paradise

A Song About Joy and Feeling Good

We all have a story, which can be reflected through the arts. Josie, a musician, and an artist has had her trials and tribulations in life. Through the winding roads of her journey, she found the light from the darkness and has brought to the surface a gift through song. Please join me on the road to Josie’s joy as I share with you her revelations about happiness, love, peace and living joyfully.

How to change your life into joy is the theme for your new song Cloudy Skies in Paradise. Please share how this song evolved from a concept to the actual song.

Often a song has been given to me. I sit down to just play and there it is; chords, a melody, lyrics fall in, all at the same time, and I write as soon as I can and record to not forget. Cloudy Skies in Paradise came to me like that. It started as a message to me I guess, LOL.

You see a world putting emphasis on negativity, hardships, bad news and what we don’t want. Your song promotes good feeling and positive focus. What do you think is key to shift from negative focus to positive focus?

To start to look at the small things in life that feel good and to be general. When you say things like: “Everything is always working out for me”, it’s a general statement that is true and feels good. It immediately feels good when we focus on what feels good. On what we want instead of don’t want. When we are thinking about the thing that isn’t there, we get an emotion that doesn’t feel good. It is a message from our inner being to tell us we went off course. By focusing first on little things that feel good, that we do have, that are here, we start to build up momentum, until we feel more “good,” than not. The longer we stay in this vibration, the more good feelings,  things, people and circumstances we attract.

The law of attraction brings two of the same energies together. Because we are seeing more things that feel good, we automatically start to feel better. When we focus on our desire, we feel empowered and that energy helps us to stay in alignment with what we really want, even when there is no psychical evidence.

So, a key to shift is to know that thoughts create the emotion. When something doesn’t feel good, become aware of your thoughts and choose a better feeling thought.

Cloudy Skies in Paradise talks about finding beauty in rain, a cloud, a song, your voice. Please expand on the importance of finding beauty in the simple things in life as well as those experiences that seem impossible to overcome.

We cannot always control the circumstances we are in. The weather is a good example. When it rains, it rains. There is nothing we can do about it but adjust our clothes or stay inside. When we have to go in it, we might as well choose to have a party of it, like the little girl in the music video does. As kids, we jump in water pools made by rain. As grownups, we become grumpy when it’s raining.

What amazed me is Dennis always looked at what he could still do and enjoy that very much. He loved watching movies, listening to music and when his body still could sit in a wheelchair, he tried to be at my concert or another band’s performance.

You ask me about experiences that seem impossible to overcome. Dennis, a friend of mine and writer of the song, Before I’ll Be Gone, had Duchenne disease. A horrible disease that basically eats away your muscles until you cannot do anything anymore but stay in bed and hardly breath. What amazed me is Dennis always looked at what he could still do and enjoy that very much. He loved watching movies, listening to music and when his body still could sit in a wheelchair, he tried to be at my concert or another band’s performance. He was one of the happiest people I have ever known. Why? Because he focused on what he enjoyed, on what he was able to do and what he wanted.

You listened to Abraham Hicks during a dark time in your life, which helped you to make a discovery. Tell me more about this in how it assisted you in creating a stronger alignment with yourself.

There was a time I had nothing but myself, a mobile phone with internet that was already paid for and an old campervan a friend gave me. I listened hours and hours to the teaching of Abraham Hicks. It was, however, years later I truly started to understand her words, but before that happened, the discovery had unfolded naturally already and from within. At that time I didn’t have any income and didn’t want to ask from the government or whomever. Sometimes I found some coins. Small change that I saved until I had enough to buy water or food. When I found fifty cents it lifted me up a bit because now I could buy water and a banana! I felt excitement again! It became something to do and I started to enjoy the finding of it. One day I found 5 euro and bought myself a present. A notebook and a pen.

“It is then when the magic began”

The next morning I woke up with a very clear impulse. What if I pretended that I had found a million euro underneath my bed in a plastic bag?

How would I feel?

How would my life look like?

What would I do with it?

I started to write a journal of ‘what if’. I wrote for instance that I bought myself a villa with a grand piano with a sea view or a better campervan with a toilet, solar panels, and shower, and drove to an amazing mountain nearby. I envisioned how I connected there with nature. Just sitting there in peace and silence. Putting this in writing in my journal. I included an entry of a man in the cafeteria came to me saying he had made pictures of me as the wild goats were standing so close to me, he had never seen anything like it. During writing all this I felt blissfully happy.

It is at this point when the magic begun……”

I was thrilled by the idea of going to that mountain for real and so I said yes, feeling carried by the positive energy.

Two people from the village where the campervan was stationed invited me for a night with food and wine. I told them the story about my notebook and what I had written so far. They asked me if it would be a good idea for their son who felt depressed to connect to nature like that and if I perhaps could show them one day how to do that. I was thrilled by the idea of going to that mountain for real and so I said yes, feeling carried by the positive energy. The next day they picked me up in their car and up we went. In the natural park, I showed them how to connect to the now and nature and we all went our own way for about an hour. I was thrilled to be there! I climbed some rocks and followed a path. I sat on a rock, listened to the birds, felt the wind gently touch my face and the sun on my skin. It was like I melted with the environment. Suddenly I heard little stones fall. I looked behind me and saw first a mother Ibex and her young and pretty soon a herd with 8 Ibexes pretty close. I could not believe what I saw!

My story had become true! When I was back at the couple, they treated me for lunch and said how amazing this was. Eight hours later they dropped me off at my campervan and gave me sixty euro for the time I had invested in them. I was in my campervan and looked amazed in the dark. What the heck just happened? My story from the notebook had become true! I could make this story very much longer because more and more things that I had written down came true, like the villa with the grand piano and sea view. People asked me to take care of it, to clean it after tenants had left and when it was empty, I had my own room there and played the piano. It was absolutely unbelievable but true!

Later I learned from Abraham Hicks it comes down to this: when you write it, you see it. When you see it, you feel it as if it is there!  The longer you stay in that energy, the more momentum picks up. The law of attraction will bring you something similar to the same energies attract. And it did. More things came true. It gave me JOY again. Strength. Hope. The energy to move forward!

You have started a worldwide movement called Joy with daily inspiration to connect to joy and a worldwide network organization to help to make dreams come true! Tell me more about this organization.

I believe that when more people are living the life they want, the more people feel happy, the more beautiful our world can be as aggression, stealing, addictions etc don’t match the same vibration. So why not create a world with happy people? Each person has 500 points of contact a year, and those 500 have 500, and the ripple continues! Together we have a huge group of people surrounding us.

When I need a music manager it’s likely you know someone or maybe one of your friends does. By asking in the group what (or who) you are looking for, the rest of us is going to see in their network if they know someone. This way we can all help each other, with just a little bit of effort and at the same time make a better world.

Eileen Bild
Eileen Bild
EILEEN holds a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology and is a published writer, Certified Life Coach, and Producer/Videographer/Photographer. She is creator of Core Thinking for High Achievers and works with Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, CEOs, Entertainers/Professional Athletes, and C-Suite Executives. Ordinary to Extraordinary Life transforms your professional and personal life from the core for success by assessing how you are currently maximizing performance, communication and drive for growth for your highest achievement. Eileen is a contributing author to the inspiring book Chaos to Clarity: Sacred Stories of Transformational Change.
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Bharat Mathur

As always, your interviewing skills are second to none, Ms. Eileen! Thank you for displaying this amazing skill once again.

My family joins me in Wishing You, and All Your Loved Ones, Happy Holidays, and A Very Successful, Enchanting, as well as Thrilling New Year 2019!!!



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