Clear Your Clutter. Change the World.

Can clearing clutter actually change the world?  Maybe.

You’ve probably noticed simplicity is a hot topic that appears to be reaching a tipping point. Here are a couple of reasons why.

We are drowning in clutter and information overload. People are overwhelmed, exhausted, and unhappy. Some are depressed, others anxious.

Life is not simple.

While more connected than ever with what’s happening around the world, we are possibly less connected than ever to our neighbors.

If you’re not overly busy, you might think something is wrong with you because…how can you possibly have a full life without a full calendar?

I’ve spent years as an over-achiever trying to unhook myself from this belief.

And what about our children? They are labeled hyperactive, when perhaps they are just reacting to an over-busy world, over-stimulated by all the choices and activities, not to mention sugar and processed foods. I saw a 2-year old playing on a tablet at a restaurant the other day and wanted to cry. I see young people staring at their phones instead of the sky and cringe.

Then I do the exact same thing and cringe even more.

I know it sounds harsh, but this is part of the reality of our world, and it’s a big part of the reason I’m so passionate about helping you simplify your life. I really don’t care how organized you are. But if I can help you create a more spacious and meaningful life, we just might bring a bit more balance to an out-of-balance world.

Like many, I’ve faced cycles of depression and overwhelm from not knowing what to do about the state of the world. I’ve spent years trying to find something to care about after I’d burnt out from trying to change things from a place of overwhelm & obligation.

While my heart was breaking over some of the things happening in the world, it was simultaneously breaking open as I peeled away the layers of clutter and busyness and found a new kind of contribution that springs from overflow & inspiration.

Which brought me to another reality.

The one where we are called to quell the tide of craziness by saying NO to the excess and YES to a more sane way of living with less clutter & busyness, more space & meaning.

You’re here, so you are likely making a choice to slow down enough to get in touch with what you love and what might be missing from your over-full life.

This is what will change the world.

Clearing physical clutter might simplify your life, at least until it comes back again. The world-changing will happen when enough of us clear our lives of the less essential so we can attend to the more.

More meaning. More connection. More contribution.

These are waiting beneath your clutter. You just need the right questions, and a bit of spacious thinking, to find them.

(an excerpt from Simply Enough: Create Space for What Matters. Jan 2020)

Sora Garrett
Sora Garrett
Sora Garrett is a highly-creative humanitarian who spent years resisting her identity as an organizational genie. After becoming burnt out trying to change the world, she decided to focus on shining light on what’s Good in her world while helping you create joy and meaning in yours. With her fourth book to be published in early 2020, Sora is blending her love for writing with her gift of inspiring people to think outside the box. Still passionate about creating a better world, her business is a philanthropy playground where she shines light on collaborative giving programs and the everyday beacons who inspire her. When she’s not writing or creating, Sora is walking by (not on) water with her mini-schnauzer joy-mate, watching movies with her newly retired husband, sharing time with her two grown children and one amazing grandson, and skiing or hiking in the mountains of Idaho where everyday miracles can be found.


  1. Sora, I am going to disagree with your entire article. To start with you cannot speak for “we.” I would be curious to know what clutter we (again who is we?) and information overload are drowning in. Please note the human brain is still processing information even when we are sleeping. Some of us enjoy a busy life. Children can be labeled as hyperactive based on the behavioral patterns that somebody may witness. Only a Psychologist or Psychiatrist has the credentials to make this diagnosis. Your article is not based on facts but rather on your own opinions. You have no way of knowing who anybody’s neighbors are (except for your own) and how much we do or do not interact with them and why. There is much meaning to be found in life even if you are busy as new knowledge may thrust its way into our minds at any time and anyplace. Your inappropriately frequent use of the word we imply that are speaking for others when in fact the only person you can speak for is yourself.

  2. Ah, one of my favorite topics, Sora! How fulfilling life becomes when we no longer distract ourselves with belongings that don’t serve our lives or activities that drain our life force or “past the expiration date” relationships with people. Sometimes I think I live in a culture that does everything it can to keep people (including me) from our inner lives, the contents of our character. Feeding fears and insecurities about not being “enough”, some of the world of marketing bombards people with this message. I recently saw an ad about how stress damages skin and rather than encouraging people to reduce stress, the ad shifted to skin care products-as though women had no other choice. And I use skin care products and thankfully, I have learned to reduce stress. I look forward to the day when more folks have gone rogue by choosing the quiet of their inner worlds and begin the profound and brave work of clearing clutter in their hearts and souls, of discovering harmony and balance inside and in relationship to their beloved belongings and beautifully enhanced physical spaces that better reflect their lovely interior world. Thank you so much for this excellent article and invitation as I am with you 100 percent! I share your vision for people and our world!!

    • Thank you, Laura, and I still want to zoom with you soon. Send me a PM & let’s make a date!

      BizCatalyst sharing of THIS article is timely since I’m in the middle of writing a series about depression, which is one of my emotional clutter-clearing challenges at times. As a highly sensitive person, sometimes I seem to take on the weight of the world.

      Now that I have SPACE in my life, I decided to give my recent depression SPACE to speak to me. I’ll be sharing more on that soon, now that I’m back to my simple shine & am able to finish something. ;-)

      Appreciate your engagement. It matters.



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