Choose What To Give A BLEEP About

I recently read a book titled ‘The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck’. At first, I was not sure that it was for me, then I was curious as to what the author had to say. And finally I read through it and I was pleasantly surprised! I love it when life, reading a book or trying something new turns out that way!

Perhaps in my younger years (like many of us) what I gave the most f*ck about was based on what was happening in the moment. I did not have a clue what my actions, words or thoughts had to do with the future. I hardly considered how they affected others. Sometimes I was in such dire circumstances that the only f*ck I gave was how to get from point A to point B. There was not a choice, I was simply surviving.

One of the benefits (I know, I know there are downfalls too!) to adulting is that we get to make choices as adults (I mean like a grown up not like just because I am 18 I am an adult). We can decide how to navigate our future. We can decide how to allow people and circumstances to affect us.

And that is where this notion of deciding what to give a f*ck about comes in handy. I feel like I have gone from these extremes to not giving a f*ck about many things because I was too overwhelmed, too scared, too shackled by my own limitations. To giving way to many f*cks about other people; their feelings and needs, the world in general (I’ve fought for some good causes) and too many things to list I have zero control over!

Now I have mastered (pretty much, for the most part) the balancing of what to give a f*ck about. And the best thing about it, is that it is my choice. If I don’t give a f*ck about something my friends, family or even the world does, I am still a good person. I am still OK. On the flip side of that is acceptance that others will not give a f*ck about what I do. Freeing. Very freeing.

Only you can choose what you give a f*ck about and how passionately that giving a f*ck is. Choose wisely, as the author Manson states. I love that idea. Choosing wisely. I choose according to my own values and beliefs. I choose according to what I am most passionate about. I choose based on ‘will this even matter in 5 years, or even by next week?’

Below is my review of the book. I am giving it out as holiday gifts. It is that important of a reminder for us all. We as individuals cannot change the world, but collectively we can make a positive impact. So do that. Make an impact by choosing what you truly give a f*ck about.

Book review:
The energy that Manson displays throughout the book kept me reading. Insightful, humorous and filled with plenty of details to make one think about their own set of values. While I get that he is trying to refute the notion behind positivity being healing and helpful, ironically this book is one that incites the reader to positively choose what to give a f*** about. Well played! A thought Manson shared that stuck out for me was his statement that we should not try to be special or unique. Of course not. We already are! Human beings are quite amazing! I have already given this book to my most important people and now have the perfect one-size-fits-all holiday gift! PS: Mark- what is the rest of the story about Erin? Click HERE


Angela Davis Schaefers
Angela Davis Schaefers
ANGELA Davis Schaefers is a speaker, writer and producer and host of Your Story Matters show. She speaks as keynote for organizations and at events and speaks to groups to inspire them. She is a TEDx speaker- Your Story Matters Creating Connection & Collaboration Through Sharing Your Story. Angela is author of Your Story Matters You Matter A guide to healing, learning from and sharing your story. She has also co-authored several books, writes for online publications and blogs. She has previously counseled families, couples, children and individuals, and has provided career and personal development coaching. She has worked with and consulted with various non-profit organizations, government entities and the corporate sector.

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