Choose Hope & Authenticity

Did you ever want something really bad? That you think about it often – maybe upon personal reflection a little too often? Perhaps even change a little bit about who you are to make it work because this is what you want? To hope…..? This could be about a career, a love, a friend, money, your dream house, etc.

The Universe may have different plans for what you are hoping for. Probably does.

I have had this happen recently to me. And let me tell you I am SO HAPPY that what I thought I wanted did NOT materialize. That is was actually a path that would not have ended well when I think back upon it. That I was not being 100% true and authentic to myself. As I have said before, we are all growing until we are 6 feet under.

The more you think about what you want, you keep alive what you do not have. Thoughts need to be managed. You’ve got this people! A little more faith in the Universe (God, Spirit, Source Energy) that it will all work out. And far better than you were hoping for.

This is a personal share, more than usual for me, so I am hesitating to hit send. But right now, we all need to be more real and raw since we cannot shake hands, touch or hug. So here is my virtual ((((HUG)))) to you all.


Patty Miller
Patty Miller
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  1. The problem with negative thoughts is that although they are under our control, we usually find them in the mind without consciously choosing them. In fact, these negative thoughts arise because of the stimuli that bombarding our mind: television, places, people, speeches, words, situations, images and much more. The mind is as if it were a large antenna that picks up the signals that come from outside. Everything around us becomes a stimulus that leads us to think in a certain way. We see a situation and evaluate it as positive or negative, in the same way we evaluate the things that others say, the words heard in a film, the scenes we see on television and so on.
    But there is more: our mind is also like a camera that is “impressed” by everything it comes into contact with. That is to say that what we see, hear, perceive through our senses, leaves a mark (impresses in this sense) in our mind. And the stronger and more repeated a certain stimulus is, the greater the mark it leaves.
    Ultimately, a negative thought is only a negative judgment on something. And therefore it always generates negative emotions.
    However, we must not change thoughts, but change the way we think for the better, as we use the mind. And since negative thoughts are often a habit, then much depends on our mental elasticity which must be trained.

    • Great response @aldo. It takes effort to keep negative thoughts out. I am getting pretty good at it. It sure makes life easier.

  2. Patty, you and I have experienced similar things with the universe — trust me! I never saw this life I have coming! This life I’m living is perfect for me, but I did not arrange for it at all. I merely followed a few guideposts my guardian angel (one of the hardest-working ones ever) set out for me … and each step took me on an exciting and unexpected journey. I’m still wondering what she has in store for me for the next 30 +/- years!

    And I think most folks would admit that they are at least somewhat surprised to see who and where they are at this moment — at least those who are perhaps middle-aged or older.

    • I know right? It’s about Faith, Faith that the Universe has plans for you more than what you think we want. @susan Rooks.