Choice as Undeniable Truth to All Spirits

How does the word choice stand in our lives…? Some say, choices as a process of choosing.

For me, choices are beyond our scope. Some are rational or irrational, known or unknown, and direct or indirect. How do we live it…? They are felt in practice, belief, or routine that involves every step of a human being’s life.

Choices are part of one’s living. We all tend to live our choices. Whether it is chosen by you or someone else. Every individual’s existence was a choice too, for example, our birth is a choice. They invoke many emotions, sequences of actions, meanings, and results in our lives. They can be in form of traditional, conventional, standard, or widespread ideologies. Numerous factors like social, political, economic, or financial policies are indirect choices that every governing body handover to its citizens in a diverse way.

However, ‘choice’ is a tricky factor that plays role in sorting our daily habits and everyday activities. Choices help us to frame healthy, meaningful, focused, and successful solutions in living. As far, I see them as controlling and influencing us to some degree. There are many significant choices like educational, professional, career, and personal pursuits that are made to reflect our rational side. I feel to tag them immediately with our human instincts or emotions. Emotions might be rational or spiritual to put. Some assume the idea as it is part of life no matter negative or positive as cerebral reasoning. On contrary, some feel awakened spiritually and then accept those choices as part of their destiny or karma to live.

Advancing our life with past lessons to ameliorate the future is again a form of choice. We might have lived or chosen to accept our mistakes and move on in the future. Those regrets or failures be a lesson to learn.  To change and seek an optimistic view of all situations is a choice, my friends.

We might have observed that individuals being part of any society or family are living these choices. Choices assist one to shape their own identity or character in many ways. The strength of spirits is capable of making those choices could be conscious or unconscious attempts to define the individualization concept of oneself. Certainly, it immediately makes us relate to a series of archetypes in psychology studies discussed commonly. I was reminded of Jungian Archetypes proposed by Carl Jung, who was a recognized psychiatrist who showed us a deep understanding of the concept of self in human psychology.

Even we see these choices from a predesigned human lens preceptive. Which are active always. The pre-designed human lens is glued with philosophical living reflected in different societies or communities that exist. Few have viewed themselves unbounded and made rare ones to notice. That’s why a choice is a form of freedom in many ways to express yourselves.

Choices are also associated with time. Some are made on the spur of the moment and some are made after considering lots of factors associated. All choices are either consequential actions or sequels of previous preferences in nature.

Moreover, I could not find any territorial or limitation to define the concept called choice in our lives. The choices are a reality for every individual. Reality is made with the sequel of choices that bring experiences or life lessons to learn to shape ourselves as better people. Those experiences or situations are undeniable moments of truth for anyone to make the world a better place for everyone. I think we all should celebrate our choices proudly. Why do we question others’ choices…? Do we need to divide the human race further with such judgmental aspects…? I leave it up to you all special friends.

Globally many challenging scenarios have rooted us to realize that we all should celebrate humanity as a choice to stay healthy, optimistic, and peaceful for all the living races on the beautiful planet earth. The humanity that expounds real inclusiveness, tolerance, and acceptance towards one another in any hard luck. Desiring to use the prism of logic to respect and accept others’ choices with equal importance is my forte to celebrate peaceful unification as a choice, my special all.


Aishwariya Jayakumar
Aishwariya Jayakumar
Aishwariya Jayakumar is a Freelance Writer, Blogger, Passionate pianist, and singer. Articulating melodious living with artistic and creative force, awareness, understanding, knowledge, and wisdom through my educational and performing arts learnings have driven me to enlarge my vision to be an eloquent and rational being. Admiring nature, traveling, reading and writing, singing, and playing music, has harmonized my melody with various genres like culture, race, religious traditions, and languages to appreciate diversity as the main life principle. However, I wish to pursue my sweet tuned song with renewed energy, constant learning, and passion to sound my life with infinite riches. Seeking to share my colourful and melodious life with perfect cadence to resonate with my melodious life song…. 🎵

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  1. Your post is one of great wisdom. I loved what you said about choice related to freedom. And every choice in life has a consequence. ~ Always good to reflect on where our choices are leading us. Thx for this, Loreexx

    • Dear Loree mam,

      I am grateful that you found my article relatable to appreciate and share your view. You all here inspire me a lot to be me. Thanking you for your kind words Loree mam.
      Best wishes,