Chinese New Year 2018: Who Let The Dogs Out? (Part 6)

“The signs of the zodiac are karmic patterns; the planets are the looms; the will is the weaver.”

~Edgar Cayce

In Part One of this article, we discovered how past President Bill Clinton and present President Donald Trump are both Fire Dogs but only one of them is a Dog President in a Dog year and that affects their personality. And, why only one of them does not have a dog.

In Part 2 we explored the Differences and Similarities Between the Chinese and Western Zodiac and took A Sneak Peek at What Finances, Love, and Dreams Hold for You in 2018, for the Rat and Ox.

In Part 3 we took A Sneak Peek at What Finances, Love and Dreams Hold for You in 2018, for the Tiger, Rabbit, and Dragon.

In Part 4 we took A Sneak Peek at What Finances, Love and Dreams Hold for You in 2018, for the Snake, Horse, and Goat.

In Part 5 we took A Sneak Peek at What Finances, Love and Dreams Hold for You in 2018, for the Monkey and Rooster.

This final segment of the 6 part Article about the Chinese New Year Zodiac Signs for 2018 will focus on the Dog, which is the Chinese Zodiac sign for 2018,  and the Pig, next year’s sign for 2019.

11th Chinese Zodiac Sign-Dog (Western Zodiac Aquarius)– born in these years: 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018. As a Dog in a Dog year, your high energy is naturally aligned with the earth. This is your year for you to be you in every way. However, be careful in whatever you wish for because you will probably get it. You won’t have to complain about the Stars this year, for you’ll have good luck in most areas of your life. Of course, problems may still occur but your natural enthusiasm for life will help you work through them. You will need to be patient and tenacious at work. This is your year for developing three key qualities from life’s challenges that will strengthen your character; the ability to adapt, the ability to make sensible decisions from conflicting information, and the art of negotiating.
Finance: You are one lucky Dog this year. You might have survived the recent turbulent financial crisis and hope the worst is over. Well, the good times about to surface. Of course, the situation will depend a lot on how others in your financial circle perform. Hence, you should not count the chickens before the eggs are hatched, or put them all in the same basket. Diversity is your best financial friend. Be wise with your spending for the first half of the year and try to resist the temptation of spending on expensive luxury items for the purpose of impressing your friends. This is a time to understand your financial limits and live within your means.
Love: As a Dog, your romantic life will undergo no great changes because of your unwavering loyalty to those you love.  If you live as a couple, happiness will be there. The Stars promise you tenderness and sensuality in your life as a couple and also ensure stability and fidelity. If you are currently alone, expect a period favorable to amorous encounters to begin. Perhaps this time you will meet someone who will be as faithful as you are and will make your heart thump and tail wag.  If you are single, your love life should heat up in the most delightful ways. Still, you need to keep your eyes open. If your heart gets carried away by the trust and energy of the Dog, be careful not to embark thoughtlessly on a love story that could end up deceiving you and breaking your heart, again.
Dreams: In the dream realm your sign of the Dog is a faithful friend who loves unconditionally but is extremely protective. Like the little dog on the Fool’s Tarot Card, your dreams will guide you wherever you go. You will have dreams about being true to self. Your dreams will guide you through respecting boundaries, and the power of saying “No!” which is a difficult concept for an animal whose main purpose in life is to please, and love unconditionally. Keep a dream journal so you can track the guided information shared with you in your dreams.
12th Chinese Zodiac Sign-Pig Western Zodiac (Western Zodiac Pisces) – born in these years:1947, 19591971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019.  It is a year of fulfillment for you. You might do well this year. 2018 predicts that the astral climate will lighten. After a rather chaotic year, you’ll begin to feel better about yourself. However, there are still lessons to learn.First of all, show yourself to be extremely reasonable in all domains of your life. Next, vow to be more selfless. Finally, the more willing you are to modify your plans at the last minute, the better you’ll fare in all aspects of your life.
Finance: Partnership or family business will not necessarily bring much reward during the coming months. Things that are beyond one’s imagination will change dramatically. Not a good time to expand on the business front. Perhaps one should consider an alternative option. Think on the bright side, even though one might not attain one’s target, one still has the ability to start somewhere else. That, indirectly, might be considered good fortune in disguise.
Love: You’ll put more intensity, more passion into your relations with your sweet one. By showing how strongly you feel about your mate, you are sure to make a positive impression. Single folks, you’ll have great chances to have a decisive encounter. This love affair may even turn your life upside down. Your love horizon will really clear up. You’ll strengthen your ties with your spouse or mate. If you’re single, you’ll be much more sociable, and this will be a very good thing! You’ll go out often, you’ll accept invitations and you’ll have very promising encounters. It’s also possible that a simple friendship will take a more intimate turn. If you live as a couple, very fine romantic weather is in view. Take advantage of the positive influxes: Make your love a top priority. Small gifts and sincere compliments will make a big impact on your shared happiness. If you’re single, you won’t remain in this state for much longer. Open your eyes: The person that you’ve been waiting for won’t be far away. If you have already found your sister soul, your relationship will recover all its meaning and its depth. Celebrate the beauty of this pure and true love. Single folks, be ready for a particularly favorable period to commence. Even though marriage seems so far away, in reality, it could be just around the bend!
Dreams: Your symbol of a pig in the dream world means financial change. A fat pig is profit whereas a skinny pig is a sign of lean times ahead. Your dreams in 2018 will deal with finances and relationships because in your world they are very much integrated.

As we conclude our insights for the Year of the Dog let it be known that other former American presidents, including President Barack Obama and President George W. Bush, have wished China a Happy New Year, but, unlike President Donald Trump, they were not widely represented as zodiac animals.

The tradition began in 2017, with Trump depicted as a giant dog statue with Trump-hair; furrowed golden eyebrows and golden hair flipped upward near the front. According to Time and Newsweek, the “Trump Dog” is on display in a shopping mall in the city of Taiyuan, in Shanxi province in northern China.  If this Chinese trend continues, Trump may be displayed as a pig in 2019 and a rat in 2020. How’s that for popularity?



Kat O'Keefe-Kanavos
Kat O'Keefe-Kanavos
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