Besides looking stiff and unnatural, traditional portraitures can be hard on both photographers and parents who must persuade squirmy children to assume odd poses amid a set full of props. Instead, photographers can utilize children’s innate animation and ability to unknowingly pose themselves to create a beautiful, visual story while simultaneously providing parents with a plethora of wall-portrait opportunities. Tips on a variety of topics—from studio lighting and different shooting angles to handling parents and working with special-needs children—are also included alongside marketing, sales, and successful portrait-studio advice.
This comprehensive guide to children’s portraiture gives its readers a glimpse into the creative mind and techniques of this master photographer. Kevin and his wife Kaye began their lifelong passion and trade over three decades ago. Today, Kevin and Kaye own and operate a first class portrait studio in Tampa, Florida. Do yourself a favor and make this book a part of your collection. Kevin’s images jump off the page with humanity and natural childhood beauty that most photographers only desire to capture. And, behind every great man, there is an even better woman! Kaye’s ability to “wrangle” children at a portrait session is legendary! To witness Kevin and Kaye in action is truly a testament to all of us who aspire to achieve photographic excellence.


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KEVIN is a past president of three professional photography organizations, and earned the designation of Certified Master Photographer with the Professional Photographers of America. He is a published author, and an accomplished speaker/instructor at state and national professional photography conventions and schools throughout the US and Canada. Full-time professional photographers, Kaye and Kevin Newsome, are well known for providing high quality photography for Tampa’s families, children, high school seniors, executives, and providing corporate event and convention coverage throughout the US. Kaye earned an Associate of Science degree in photography from the Art Institute of Ft Lauderdale, and also serves as the Executive Director for the Florida Professional Photographers, Inc. She was the very first photographer in the state of Florida to be accepted into the National organization, Special Kids Photographers of America, certifying her talent and abilities in photographing children with special needs. Together, they photographed over 800 weddings before redirecting their documentary style and journalistic talents toward corporate events, award banquets, and conventions around the country. They earned enough trust and respect from their brides and grooms, that they quickly created a children and family portrait business. In time, that evolved into a very successful high school senior portrait business. The digital age brought a huge demand for their talents in the executive headshot business. And since the very beginning, they’ve met the demand for foreign passport photos (measured in millimeters) and copy and restoration of old photos. Over time, their talents were honed in each of these genres, and today, their studio is capable and qualified to provide photographic services in a host of areas for both the consumer and corporate markets.
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Kevin, I love your photography and as an artist in training moving into the photograph field as a hobby, I hope to produce a few good shots. Your work is magnificent