Checklists To Consider When You’re Relocating To A New Home

Preparing to relocate to a new house has a paradoxical truth to it. It is the most exciting yet the most dreadful undertaking ever. Homeowners dread shifting homes from the moment the prospect occurs. This is because whether you are buying or renting, moving to a new location takes a lot of effort in various capacities. You have to sort through your entire house to decide on what to take and what to discard, learn how all items should be packed and how you can ensure their safety and find out how much time the entire process takes. For busy individuals, the solution very well lies in hiring professional teams to pack and move their load to the new house.

However, before hiring a moving company, you should be sure to do your homework in the form of a moving checklist so you can get the most out of your moving company. There’s much you can leave to the moving company to manage for you but without having a clear picture of what needs to be done, you cannot allocate tasks to the movers. Getting as much of stuff organized is the best way to move forward. Consider this checklist to give yourself an idea of all the things that you should get done:

Use Blueprint

Moving to a new city or country for your professional growth requires proper planning in terms of your career goals, and the same applies to plan a home relocation. It happens every so often that after paying a good amount of money for moving your possessions to a new house, you find no need for them due to one or many reasons. For example, your new living room can be too small to fit in the furniture from your old house which was complemented by the spacious living room. Therefore, the first thing to do before moving into a new house is to take out a blueprint of the rooms and measure them against the interior spaces of your old home. This allows you to take only the stuff you’ll need and manage getting rid of the ones you don’t need either by selling or donating.

Manage Utility Services

It is very important to get in touch with your utility service providers well ahead of the final moving date. Disconnections and new connections can take a while to process. Calling in a few weeks prior to moving to let them know about your move is key. You should schedule your disconnect and connect dates for gas, electricity, internet, cable TV and other services. In addition, if you have any security systems you can speak to the service providers to re-install the system to your new house after the move.

Choose a Move Date

This isn’t well known to many clients but choosing a certain date can be more or less expensive depending on what time of the month it is. If you want a cheaper moving bill you can choose moving dates with less client traffic. Moving during an off-peak season gets you rates that are typically lower. Your company may help you determine for which days they can offer a cheaper quote.

Forward the mail

Getting your new address registered with the post office is important so that your important bills, letters, and packages don’t go missing. To forward your mail before the move, you can get in touch with the concerned authorities and choose a date starting from when you want to receive mail at your new address.

Once you’ve completed the checklist above, you can move towards choosing a company that offers competent services and performs to your satisfaction. These companies surprisingly exist and work with the goal of fulfilling the standards they pride themselves on. Take for instance, Quick Pick Movers Melbourne, which is licensed and offer a comprehensive service of packing, onloading and offloading your boxes. Being equipped with the right packing material and skills to pack even the most complicated belongings such as a piano or a refrigerator, allows professional moving companies to guarantee the safety of your possessions.

Having a professional company manage packing also leaves you time to concentrate on labelling the boxes with the content inside them. All delicate items should be labelled fragile so that they can be handled with more careful during the move. You can also label boxes according to the rooms they’re intended for (i.e., “kitchen” and “bathroom”). This will help you unpack and set things more easily instead of jostling the wrong boxes here and there.

As aforementioned, using the right boxes can make all the difference to the safe move of your items. Items such as your television, mirrors and artwork require specific types of moving boxes that are designed to provide extra protection. The extra protection is necessary as these items are susceptible to breakage. A strong impact from pulling the brakes suddenly can damage these items but if they’re packed with an extra coating that reduces impact, they can very well be sustained. You should inquire with your moving company regarding the special packing equipment if they don’t already provide you with them.


Helen Cartwright
Helen Cartwright
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