Delivering A “High Five” Experience

5. Any noteworthy surprises or ‘A-ha’ Moments along the way?

In 2009, I was inducted into the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame for my contributions on the football field—at Callaway High School, at Mississippi State, and in the NFL. Then on July 29, 2018, I received The Rube Award, which was named in honor of Michael Rubenstein, the long-time sportscaster and first executive director of the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum. I was the youngest winner of this award and it was truly an honor to be recognized along with other great former recipients, such as Gov. William Winter and Archie Manning. It was nice to be recognized for what I did in football because that was my life for so long. But it was even more rewarding (and a real A-ha moment for me) to be recognized for what I’ve done off the field and beyond the game to make a positive impact. Hundreds of at-risk teenagers across the South have attended and graduated from both high school and college and have returned to help the next –hundreds are now educators –coaches –mentors and Father Figures.

More wonderful “Aha” Moments: Every student over the last 25 years has written thank you letters to people who were instrumental during their time with us. We are now in the process of gathering up this inspiring collection of letters in hopes of sharing them with everyone this Christmas season.

6. How would you describe your typical day?

The days of playing football in college, and in the NFL, have taken its toll and so I have to go to doctor appointments on a frequent basis. Other than that, my days are spent visiting ASCS alumni via phone –social media or at their schools  Tampa area and also mentor matching activities so they can continue to expand ASCS Root to fruit and its outreach in the community.

7. What about your “social impact/outcomes?”

ASCS is very focused on making a positive impact on society through compassionate mentorship. We began my offer first-generation college-bound students and student-athletes the opportunity to get accepted and graduate from college, but also we focus on moving with the students from year to year to graduation to career become productive citizens, community servants, great leaders and mentors and Father, and Mother Figures.

8. What’s the next big thing/challenge for ASCS?

Historically, ASCS has been a Florida-based organization and the next big thing is expanding the ASCS model to other states by sharing a compassionate social justice curriculum using sports stories. For example, Brian Song had an impact on me when students see that we are all “one”, and something clicks in their heart from hearing that story. ASCS has many multi-cultural sports stories to share that can impact students in so many positive ways. A challenge with this is having the resources in place for such an expansion. While it is challenging, we are making progress each day and are keeping the ball moving, rolling, and shuffling. –we are in the process of teaching Story Pathing from the Root to the fruit to help energize failing schools and their students

9. As a nonprofit leader, what’s non-negotiable for you?

As the leader of a non-profit, and one who firmly believes in servant leadership, a non-negotiable is my four-quarter model and ensuring that my program serves kids who not only want to have a better life for themselves but also want to pay it forward and serve others. It is important to have people in the ASCS program who have a selfless spirit and have a heart willing to serve. Kids who are only looking out for their own personal gain would not be a fit for the program as the living a life of excellence through servant leadership is a key component of the ASCS program and values.

10. How can our readers learn more about / help All Sports Community Service?

For more information, please visit All Sports Community Service. On the website, we have many of our Inspiring student’s success stories featured as well as additional details about the program. We are always looking for people who are interested in providing resources and ideas to help the next generation on their educational and athletic quest.

A Longitudinal Study of The Impact of NFL PLAYERS SERVING AS MENTORS AND  FATHER FIGURES – players drafted former teammates and coaches and teachers to serve as mentors. Outcome a Multicultural Intergenerational Compassionate Mentor Model. The model is being used as one of the tools to teach Social Justice  (Social Justice cannot work without compassion community centers where team members are serving – NFL YET Center – Boys and Girls Clubs – YMCA – Big Brothers and Sisters. The model is part of studies on the impact of Compassionate Mentoring. Qualitative longitudinal studies include NFL PLAYERS  -their mentor and their mentees and longitudinal pilot or feasibility studies often can have fewer than 100 participants.–ASCS has 100 to commented the 100-year anniversary of the Chicago Bears -Bearing Fruit as Mentors and FATHER Figures. “Compassionate Mentor leaders bring their team members together to work and serve with a Root to Fruit mind, They lay the groundwork for their mentees to have the best chance of success on their quest, and then take great joy in sitting back and watching their mentees and their mentees shine”. Please visit the ASCS website and fill out the contact form if you want to get involved. Also, if you know of anyone who may benefit from the program, have them check out the website and fill out an application.

Dennis J. Pitocco
Dennis J. Pitocco
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