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As Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of this global media platform, I was delighted to have the opportunity recently to get better acquainted with Pastor C.J. Johns, Founder of Father & Son Love Ministries, a nonprofit based in Lutz, Florida. Their mission is founded upon the “desire to serve, uplift and be a blessing to the body of Christ through love.” Learn more about their Ministries as you enjoy our inspiring “WOW” Interview with Pastor Johns below ⤵︎

We’d like to hear about your professional journey before the Ministries.

I moved to Los Angeles California in 1984 as a young teenager from Cleveland Ohio; alone, adventurous, excited and determined with $250.00 in my pocket. I immediately was blessed and obtained an opportunity to entry-level management school for a fast-food chain. I was always entrepreneurial even as a child and envisioned real-estate as being a catalyst for my eventual success. You see, my mother and father owned their own real-estate brokerage/school in the early ’60s. Within one year of graduation, I was offered a promotional transfer. Within 8 months of that transition, I started the pursuit of my own real estate investment company. Through investing in several real-estate (television) courses, I began networking/connecting with fellow classmates. My first prospectus procured my first real property acquisition which netted nearly $75,000. This allowed me to leave the management position and commit my days to my business. I worked nights at a Ralphs freezer warehouse to keep margins low.

As my career progressed, I entered into the Oil Business with one of my partners, Barbarossa Oil.  During this period, I went back to college with an eye on business law (the interruption of that plan will be explained in Question #2). My wife and I married.  I started a real estate paralegal firm, merged it with a law firm to become the corporate head of the real estate division, all while maintaining my own personal real estate portfolio. In 2004, we purchased our home in Tampa. In 2005, we moved to Florida and started Covington Mortgage (a lending firm). The 2008 economic collapse created an unsustainable business environment.  I place this picture here for a specific reason.

Tell us about Father and Son Love Ministries and the inspiration behind it.

In 1985, I had a life-altering Spiritual experience. For 91 days. Straight. I was endowed with Biblical understanding, reading (all 66 books twice), studying, praying, worshiping, listening, growing in the specific “Word” the Lord gave me. My transformation had begun, however, I ran from the “Call.”  I began walking with the Lord, but never heading the “Call.”  In 1994 after the Northridge Earthquake, I inhaled invisible “spores” which caused contraction of an infectious disease called coccidioidomycosis. So, how did this inspire FSLM? …almost there.

See the spores were first contained within my lungs. Both lungs. The layman’s description of the disease is Flesh-Eating Bacteria and it was in my lungs; untreated for several months. I should have died within a month of lung failure/collapse. Here’s the nexus, it disseminated from (BOTH LUNGS) completely on its own, unprovoked by any medicinal intervening factors. However, that was great! until we discovered it had attached itself to my spinal cord and began eating the spinal bone. This is where I actually was admitted to the hospital after collapsing from insufferable back pain.

After thoracic spinal fusion surgery, gallbladder surgery 3 months later, months in the hospital, 120 lb. weight loss, and an encounter with the devil, it was clear I was given the miracle gift of FAITH & Healing.

Yet still, I ran (from my true calling).  After my wife and I raised our children in the Lord, moved to Florida, joined several churches (on the board of one), seeing the ugly side of the “Prosperity Gospel” while being a sincere lover of Jesus The Christ, our 23-year-old recent USF graduate son said to me, “Dad, you know what we need to do.” He said I’ve watched you all my life teach, inspire, love, give and most of all LIVE the LOVE WALK OF JESUS.  I’ve known you were called all my life. Dad, God told me to join you! Thus the beginning of “Father & Son Love Ministry.” I obtained my credentials, then we began, the Love Revolution of Jesus The Christ. “Changing This World One Person at a Time…”

What’s unique about your nonprofit?

We specialize in “Revelation Knowledge” helping Christ’s children find their purpose, healing by laying on of hands, habitual GIVING, LOVING & SERVING our fellow man and restoring HOPE in Jesus through HIS ambassadors. The Shepard’s. Servants. Clothing Ministry, Food Ministry, Christian counseling, Furniture ministry, back to school supplies, Christmas LOVE Boxes, Free Food Pantry, Homeless Ministry and any other needs we can fill. Service 1st, 2nd, 3rd…ONLY.

When did your nonprofit launch and what’s been your biggest challenge?

We launched in August, 2010. Our biggest challenges – Understanding from the public of non-ulterior motive of giving LOVE. Space to support our growth through Funding

Any noteworthy surprises or ‘A-ha’ moments along the way?

The first time we experienced the actual change in someone’s life from our efforts; even though they were not visitors, parishioners, or even necessarily “Christian.”  Watching that seed of Christ’s LOVE germinate in another environment and feeling a spiritual octave growth spurt while feeling fulfilled and joyous.

How would you describe your typical day?

This description is not inclusive of Fridays & Sundays. Prayers, group & individual, counseling, shut-in visits and/or communication, delivering/procuring supplies I.E. food, clothing, etc. Sermon study & preparation. Work on personal business.  Evenings dinner with my wife. Working on our pantry growth, connections, partnerships & business infrastructure.

What about your “social impact/outcomes?”

Creating opportunities for the infusion of relief, large or small, which create psychological nuances of decreased stress, anxiety, anger. Opening opportunities to repurpose limited funds for family allocation, vacations, supplies, clothing, bills, etc. Our service to senior partnerships with Lighthouse for the Blind and The Senior Center allows us to deliver an underserved section of society which enhances their quality of life. Delivering food to them, giving them love and gratification without recompense. Can give hope that is un-quantifiable. Feeding the homeless.

What’s the next big thing/challenge for your ministries?

A new location with permanent Pantry infrastructure, clothing, lunches served, prayer offered, games for children.

As a nonprofit leader, what’s non-negotiable for you?

Serving people with dignity and patience regardless of their station in life, conditions, attitudes, or even FAITH.

How can our readers learn more about/help Father & Son Love Ministries?

Partnerships that enable expanded (free) services for our clients, building procurement (donated) or allocation, funding and prayers. Please visit Father & Son Love Ministries and please follow our Facebook Page. We need lots of help to make this dream a reality.  Please consider helping by: Spreading the word; Heading up a fundraiser, or ⤵︎


BONUS QUESTION: What’s something interesting that most people wouldn’t know about you?

I truly believe we (FSLM) WILL…  “Change This World One Person at a Time.” In 1994, I wrestled with the Devil and was offered (the lie) that if I denounced my God, my children and grandchildren (I had no grandchildren at the time!) would be free from his evil attacks for life. I denied the request. I married my high school sweetheart and we just celebrated 28 years of marriage. I participated in drilling oil wells in the Illinois Basin in 1988. Made one million dollars (aggregated) before I was 25. I have much less income now, yet I’m living my purpose. I know why I was born. I’m at peace. I’m happy. I’m in Love with Jesus, my wife, my children…my life of service.


Dennis Pitocco
Dennis Pitocco
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