Changing the Way You Think: A Major Key for Recovery

Recovery from substance abuse can be an arduous process. In many cases, the help of professional experts is not only encouraged but essential.  Gallus medical detox centers may be an important component for recovery.

In addition to outside help, the inner person needs to change as well. Something as simple sounding as the very way one thinks may be highly important. Indeed, as part of your recovery, changing the way you think can form a pivotal function.

Thought, The Mind, and Health

The nature and content of our thoughts literally determine our feelings and emotions and have a profound effect on our healing capacity. Science has shown, as have great sages throughout human history, that there is a connection between the body and the mind. Healthy, hope-filled thoughts promote healing. Negative or distorted thoughts stymie it.

Thoughts have a way, however, of flowing rather freely, without our conscious control or awareness.  Our thoughts can be useful or detrimental. Sorting out that difference is imperative. Becoming tuned in to the fact that the mind and body work together in tandem can be one of the first steps along the road to healing.

What Great Healers Have Said

A look through the medical, spiritual, and philosophical literature provides numerous examples of the benefits of changing the way we think. Many of these sources are extremely practical and not simply promoting wild aspirations.

On from the modern world is Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, a nationally acclaimed healing expert who advocates strongly that our thoughts are deeply connected to our physical well-being. His holistic therapeutic methods include transforming the way we think and the power that it can bring.

In earlier times we need to look no further than Jesus. Regardless of whether you are a Christian or not, both the New Testament as well as contemporary secular sources indicate that Jesus was a master healer, expelling demons and curing many of various physical and spiritual ailments. Among his earliest recorded works are to repent and believe in the good news. These words from the Scriptures were written in Greek. In Greek, repent means, quite literally, to change the way you think.

Practical Tips for Changing the Way You Think About Substance Usage

Changing the way we think can be difficult. Nevertheless, it is an important component of real recovery and healing. Here are several useful tips that promote control over our thoughts:

  • Count your blessings. Each and every one of us has many things to be thankful for.
  • Stay grounded in the present moment. It’s always now. The past is the past, the future not yet present.
  • Honor your body. Give your body what it needs and avoid putting poisons in it.
  • Forget changing others; focus on your desires for personal change. You are the only person that you can control and be responsible for.
  • Develop positive affirmations. Phrasing our works and thought into positive suggestions is proven to work, in some cases, work wonders.
  • Pray if part of your belief system. If communication with a caring God is part of your truth, ask for healing power and positive thinking.

Short Recap

Your thoughts are indeed important. The way you think and indeed, your actual thought themselves can have a big effect on the health outcomes you desire. Thinking about yourself as well as the substances you may have used in a different way can speed healing.

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