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As Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of this global media platform & Chief Encouragement Officer of our affiliated pro bono social impact enterprise; GoodWorks 360°, I was delighted to have the opportunity to get better acquainted with Trevor & Eileen Bild, Founders of KNOB TV —a husband/wife power couple who have created a brand based on Ordinary to Extraordinary Life. They started with live music video productions, photography, weddings, and commercials advancing now into TV. They have teamed up with Rebel TV Productions to bring you a combination of categories with engaging content that creates a 360 view of the world.

As a Roku & Amazon Channel, KNOB TV brings you Wide World of Entertainment, Music Videos, Legacy Videos, Docu-Series Videos, Interviews, Personal Development, Book Reviews, Radio, Podcasts, Movies, Creative Arts, Nature & Environment, Health & Healing, Destination Vacations & Spas, Camping & Outdoors, and Events. This is a group effort and community for those who want to share positivity, inspiration, and uplift giving a voice to those who want to share their passions, visions, and dreams. Learn more as you enjoy our inspiring #gamechanger Interview with Trevor & Eileen below ⤵︎

We’d like to hear about your professional journey before KNOB TV.

Trevor: Just after graduating from high school I auditioned and was hired for a band that did Up With People traveling the United States, which included military entertainment and community church performances.   A year later, after being worn out from traveling city to city, I decided to transition into life outside of the music realm enrolling in computer programming and structural engineering school. After my education, the computer era was just beginning. This enabled me to create my own world-wide online system, before the internet, out of my living room in my home. This assisted me in developing my communication and leadership skills.

My career evolved from managing small businesses to sales of recreational vehicles (RV). I became well known from the West Coast to the East Coast for my sales management acumen and turning struggling businesses around to be profitable with exceptional success. For over 35 years I trained, led sales teams, created one of the highest profit margins in the industry, and set a precedent for senior leaders and CEOs to create highly functional teams who produced excellence in ROI for the business.

Upon retirement, an opportunity presented itself for me to pursue my earlier interests in music. Eileen and I started OTELproductions, which focuses on musicians, bands, concerts, and events. Together, we create valuable content for our clients to use for promotion or for their social media outlets. Our video production work has evolved over the years and in 2020 we stepped into the ROKU markets with our KNOB TV channel.

This is the beginning of things we foresee in the future that will have a positive impact on the world.

Eileen: My professional journey started a little later in life. I was a domestic engineer raising a family as my primary job until my mid-40’s. However, I was always finding myself in leadership roles in various volunteer and part-time positions, such as a member of the membership council for a private club, advertising manager for a non-profit organization’s newspaper, loaned executive for the United Way and many more. My desire for writing also kept me busy submitting articles in several local publications. After having had a serious illness and self-healing, my professional path took a new direction into the holistic healing field and coaching. I started a business, Ordinary to Extraordinary Life, becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist, received an MA in Transpersonal Psychology and became a Certified Life/Transformational Coach, building a practice based on Core Thinking and assisting professionals to reach their highest potential.

I am the creator of the Core Thinking Blueprint Program for CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, coaches, and leaders. My writing advanced into having my own column, Core Thinking for High Achievers on BIZCATALYST 360°. I became a published author sharing my story of healing in the book Chaos to Clarity: Success Stories of Transformational Change, I wrote a series called Morning Musings: 90 Days of Inspiration which is being put into a book/journal format, another book in the works is A Journey into Self Discovery, and I have started an eBook series with my first eBook titled 5 Principles of Core Thinking for Success.

Over the years OTELproductions has added weddings, commercials, celebration of life events, anniversaries and interviews. In 2019 we were approached by Rebel TV Productions to join them in creating channels for ROKU and Amazon streaming. We feel this is the next best step in our professional journey bringing our knowledge and skills together for continued success.

Tell us about KNOB TV and the inspiration behind it.

Once we officially accepted the offer to join Rebel TV Productions, we were given the opportunity to develop our own channel. After many days of brainstorming and checking availability for names, KNOB TV was the winner. Eileen thought about what we represent and wanted the name to have meaning, so she defined the channel as Knowledge, Notice, Observe, Become. KNOB TV brings you a combination of categories with engaging content that creates a 360 view of the world.

It encompasses our desire to bring shows and content that uplifts, inspires and encourages positive thinking.

As of this interview, we will have up to 20 categories ranging from music to personal development, DIY shows to movies, outdoors to the environment, creative arts to health and healing, book reviews to radio/podcasts, events, and destination vacation/spas.

In the age of social media, ROKU is a wonderful resource to provide a platform to reach a worldwide audience. We are about collaboration and win-win for all involved. This is a group effort and community for those who want to have a voice to share their passions, visions, and dreams.

When will you launch and what’s been your biggest development challenge so far?

We launched KNOB TV in March 2020. The biggest development challenge so far has been the learning curve for behind the scenes of set up and understanding how streaming works. The technical needs are extensive and ensuring that our channel will not have glitches enabling our content to be free from downtime is our biggest concern.

Fortunately, we have little issue in gaining excitement from others about what we plan to do with the channel and generating content. Many are wholeheartedly connecting with us to be a part of this amazing opportunity to be exposed in a way they may not otherwise have. There is a lot of untapped talent, information, and inspired ideas we feel would benefit everyone around the world. KNOB TV is the place to be!!


Dennis Pitocco
Dennis Pitocco
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