Changing The Game – By Creating Real Connections Between Companies and Causes

As Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of this global media platform, I was delighted to have the opportunity recently to get better acquainted with Effie Santos, Founder of and Chief Strategist for Red Root Strategies. Effie’s focus is on creating deeply rooted connections between companies and causes that change communities for the better. Together with their client partners, they’re creating a better world where every business leads with purpose and every cause can find the right support. Learn more about Red Root Strategies as you enjoy our “gamechanger” interview below ⤵︎

We’d like to hear about your professional journey before Red Root Strategies.

I spent 25 years in the banking industry, retail leadership, business, and commercial banking.

Tell us about Red Root and the inspiration behind it.

I founded Red Root Strategies after recognizing nonprofits had challenges connecting with companies aligned with their mission. At the same time, I witnessed companies wanting to support their communities and create meaningful impact without knowing where to begin. I knew that strategically connecting for-profits and nonprofits would create sustainable partnerships benefitting not only the organizations, but their employees, clients, and communities. It is now the place where my own business and purpose meet.

 Our business starts with a simple equation: companies + causes = impact.

By matching corporations and non-profits in authentic partnerships, and creating strategic programs that drive their mutual goals, we can help both sides make a deeper impact. These connections do more than just benefit the partners, however. Our work helps create lasting change for companies, causes, and our communities.

What’s unique about your business and who is your “ideal” client?

We feel our business is innovative. We are relational, not transactional. We get asked “are you fundraisers’”, no we are not, we are changing culture and the way business is getting done. We have two types of clients. For-profits who wants to create a cause culture within their organization and be connected to the community and nonprofits that want to create long term relationships with businesses and retain those relationships. It is where business meets purpose.

When did you launch Red Root and what’s been your biggest challenge so far?

We launched Red Root the beginning of the year. We want to spread the word through various channels, educate as many companies and causes as fast as we can and make and together, we create impact and help profit support purpose.

Any noteworthy surprises or ‘A-ha’ Moments along the way?

Yes, there are more people that want to do good for their communities that just need the know-how to start.

How would you describe your typical day?

We love spending the day with our clients and prospects, cultivating relationships and collaborating for change.

What about your “social impact/outcomes?”

We create deeply rooted connections between companies and causes that change our communities for the better, that is our impact.

What’s the next big thing/challenge for Red Root?

The next big thing for Red Root is growing throughout Florida.

As an experienced leader and entrepreneur, what’s non-negotiable for you?

Integrity. That is our top value…in our work, our brand and who we are.

How can our readers learn more about Red Root Strategies?

Visit our website, Red Root Strategies or call us at 727.688.9630. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook HERE.

Editor’s Note: We’re proud to share that Red Root Strategies is now collaborating “for good” with us as a “PASSIONPARTNER” to help nonprofits sustain their mission by amplifying their visibility and enhancing their sustainability across Tampa Bay and beyond. See our recent announcement below:


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