Change Your Life – Not The World

All that I do not know along with all that I think I know is tied up in this world whereupon I revolve around and evolve in. My choices are not always mine to choose. There is no power in me that can ever change or rearrange this world. Who gives me or you the right to believe we should change the world or even think you or I could change the world somehow someday? This is the world we were born into while also being the same world we will die in and depart from.

We stand in the place where we are in this world. I do not know if it was planned that I or we would be here or why we would be here. However long I will be here or you will be here will never be revealed to either of us. We who are the sons and the daughters of our mothers and of our fathers must never misinterpret any sign which was or will be shown to us as being a message that is implicitly telling us we were given the okay to orate any of our misconceived notions that we are to be implementers of change.

Just as the earth revolves around the sun the days of our lives revolve around time and space. Each orbit is of undetermined length in time. When, or where we rise is in direct correlation to when or where we will ultimately sit bringing an end to what was formally known as our lives. The changes (if any) you made to your life during the time you were physically on the earth are being transcribed into your book for review by the one who sits on high.

Yours is the duty to change your life but not to try to change the world. The world presents your life front of you in incremental amounts. There is nothing you can say which will change anything if you can change anything at all. Yet you can observe the spinning gyroscope as it knows no beginning nor does it know of any ending so you can pinpoint where you are or are not going in relation to your future even if it seems the future is too elusive for you to grasp a hold of. An habitual tinkerer of things we may be but the world will not sit on its axis to allow us the liberty to transform it into something it was never meant to be. What is meant for the world is beyond you or me although we are in the midst of whatever has happened if not ready to happen. Living in life is an experiment that you control the workings of. Whereas the world leaves no room for any of us to think we can make something different other than what already exists.

We as is the case with the world undeniably exist. Our existence along with the existence of the world is a classic version of co-dependency. That which we depend upon is dependent on us. Taking what is now your life with the intent of starting anew constitutes your part of the plan. The plan was carefully mapped out but in such a way to let your light illuminate it so, in essence, it is indeed you it is also in essence we.

Take time to know time so as to be aware when it is time. Just at the right time, we speed up while gradually slowing down. This too is part of the process that is life. Between the start of your life leading to the end of your life is where you come into focus. You, after all, are just like the rest irrespective of the fact there are differences between the collective we that is inclusive of the collective you. Each minute of each detail that must be thrust into you and you alone. Time is not an element of we as the time that is now for you may not be the time I am now sitting in waiting for my turn for it to me my time.

Abbreviate as much as you can those periods when you find yourself in where we eclipse you. We can never be you so we should not try to overshadow you. You should be led by your own shadow but your shadow should not lurk behind you. From behind is what may have been while in front your shadow puts us in the mirror of a future we can see so as not to have to conceptualize what it looks like. The fear you feel from that image in the mirror may be of what is known to you not of what is not known to you.

With a lurch and lunge, you (I) take your (my) first step into a direction that is different from where it was we all just came from. From here you (me) must take flight into your own new horizon that holds no space for we (us) to join you. In everything as much as we would like it to be as so, unfortunately jointly cannot exist in everything we do. The word I must replace the word we if I am to become me as being the whole that is to say free of the bondage that was we. In multiples of numbers does not lay strength instead it gives rise to anonymity. In anonymity, it is you that is, in reality, I ultimately becoming hidden from view.

My life as I live it alone in my secluded world consists of fragments that may never find a way to be as one whole. I cannot pretend to be convinced that I can change what I have made of life into something with shape and form. Each moment becomes a magnification of the one before. To that end is that place in the world that I selfishly keep for myself. To effect the change that we need while effecting the change I need is to draw strength that is buried deep within a soul belonging not exclusively to you nor belonging exclusively to me. For it is a soul that takes on a life of its own with its purpose to be a part of and inside of you, me or us perhaps even them as they may be.

Do not try to change the world as it cannot be done. The world is what the world has always known itself to be. It has no need to be anything else. It has no desire to be anything else but the world. On the other hand, it is time to change my life as it yearns for it to be changed. Life yearns to be taken on and lived all the way through.


Joel Elveson
Joel Elveson
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  1. Do not try to change the world as it cannot be done. The world is what the world has always known itself to be. It has no need to be anything else…… This sentence along is profound, Strong Ink with the simplicity of a muse. Well done Joel.

  2. We, humans, have a very limited concept of the many factors that control our world and our universe. Our concept of movement is limited to what we see in relations to ourselves. We are not aware of spinning at up to 1,000 mph or rotating around the sun or moving through space at over 1,000,000 mph. We have no concept of the size of space. We are not capable of comprehending eternity. How could a person be so naive as to believe they can change the world?

    My observation is that most people have enough trouble even controlling their own lives.

    • Ken, Your points are well put! Despite all that you have so correctly concluded many people still feel that they can change the world. I personally am not one of those people. It does not appear that you are either. Let me thank you Ken for reading my article and providing your thought provoking comments. I look forward to your continued readership.

    • Ken, Thank you for your kind and generous compliment. Reader like yourself give me added incentive to write. Thank you again for your readership as it is greatly appreciated.

  3. One very powerful way to change your life is role play the life you want to have. With enough role play you’ll eventually get certain aspects in your life to make you happen. If you’re into fantasy and be a knight, there are many LARP (Live Action Role Play) events around you can participate in. Want to regress to a 1 year old still wearing diapers — they have places you can go for that too. For the latter one, it’s really hard “not to judge”. Really hard.

    • Chris, The idea of role playing to see where you might fit best is actually a brilliant one. Using a service like LARP is not something I have ever heard of so I am glad you brought it to my attention. Needless to say your comments always seem to be a cut above the rest. All my best Chris.