#Change It Right – What Is The Initial Point To Be Optimized Inside Your Business?


When business owner hear word ‘optimization’ – the first two points appearing in mind – finance & technology. That’s right, optimal resources usage and right /optimized/ technology are the core of the effective business. But same time a lot of less visionable, but even more important points for the optimization exists inside every business. Without this any technology or budgeting wouldn’t work well.

Thus, we’ve asked our #Change It Right! Series participants, effective business owners and experiences management consultants to answer the question:

When we’re recommending optimization,

What’s the first point to be optimized inside every organization?

Does it emergent or continuous change?

‘From my experience the first point to be optimized – internal processes (structure, formalization, reporting, communication, etc). Too often we have clients, who doesn’t consider it’s a problem until notice huge expenses and want to optimize (read minimize) expenses first. But to make it live and effective you need to have optimized structure, processes and communication inside. When there’s no right process established you will overuse resources – any financial, human, and still will notice problems with deadlines, results, etc. Thus, to start it right – change – I always do this from analysis – how it works now, where’s the problem and then developing the change plan for this particular case.

…when there’s no right process established you will overuse resources …

To be frank, there’s no precise recipe of what structure, what process and system will work for any business, thus eliminating problems manually with precise guidance of professional consultant is the exactly one right way to optimize all you need and expenses at the result.

By the change project characteristics it can be either – emerge or planned,  continous or radical depends how deeply business in trouble at the moment.’

Lucy Kovalova | CEO & Founder KLCGroup | Strategist, Change Management Professional

‘The first point to be optimized every organization is “communication” and “continuous change. Communication is the heart of any human to human relationship and I consider business top feature is an h2h relationship (before product, service…).  Communication is a corner-stone in any business success internally inside the organization or externally as well.’

Wesam Khalil P.Eng. | CEO SGTEX Inc. | Canada

 ‘Organizational optimization begins with an appointed leader and team specifically tasked with developing not only their own goals, but the optimization goals for the department or entire business. When an organization determines the need or desire, there is much to do.

However, the absolute first thing that must be optimized is the creation of an officer of change management. It must begin with identifying change agents to assist in the evaluative, transitional and infrastructural process amendments. The identification of the “optimization team» must have clear and concise objectives, parameters and scope of the project.

…when an organization determines the need or desire, there is much to do…

The team will evaluate what change in processes (SOP et al), positions (jobs), workflows, individuals, other teams and individuals that may or may not be affected, and of course, the impact it will cause on the organization.

Upon completed and pooled assessments, a determination must be made to identify what tools, processes and policies will be required to meet the goals of the optimization objective with as little upheaval or disruption to the organization as possible.

Example: Upon the selection of the lead individual and team members, the optimal job descriptions, policies and procedures, and processes to complete their assignments must be created. This in-turn will impact the organization, as the present duties these individuals perform must be performed by others, at least for the time of the active optimizing of the business.  It might mean:

  • Performance of a thorough risk assessment, document and gain approval, refinements, additions or deletions
  • Update Table of Organization to reflect the new roles and reporting lines
  • Identification of specific tasks and responsibilities
  • Training plans and processes will need to be updated to accommodate the changes made
  • Procedures, processes and responsibilities will be required to reflect updated jobs
  • Identify what ripple effect each change will produce, and make adjustments as required

Optimization of an entire organization is an emergent and ongoing “best practices” approach over time.

As in all things, adjustments will be made as the optimization plan unfolds, however to get off to the best possible start, select the right team and leader, or hire competent consultants to take a completely objective, albeit theoretical approach.

Just do your best to minimize disruption.’

David J Dunworth | CEO Marketing Partners llc | Small Business Marketing Consultancy | USA

Thus notice all the initial points for the optimization and contact our professionals for direct advice for your particular case and assistance with your change project implementation to improve your business operations and effectiveness.


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