Change is Surrender –with Doses of Faith, Trust, and Hope!

This is a juicy idea. There are many different parts when we create change. There is a thought, being open and receptive to something different, then deciding to step towards the idea that has no guarantee of the outcome.

So, to make a choice is to create something different. Change is a leap of faith that you are moving towards something, and it is the right thing to do at this point in time.

Unless one is a seer and ‘sees’ the future with 100% clarity, creating change is like walking into the woods with some tools to support you – perhaps a map, a compass, GPS, a path (but this was made by someone else).

However, often, we have less than this, and it is more like walking into the woods at night, relying more on instincts, skills, and insight, with a torch to see a few feet in front of us.

Therefore, change is surrendering with faith that the path will show itself, with trust in yourself to see, know or recognise the next step at any given moment and a hefty dose of hope that the outcome will be better and more significant on the other side of the woods.

Change asks us to step into the unknown parts of ourselves, bring forth more of the Universe, and for our highest self to lead the way towards the desired goal.

The mind needs to be receptive to the messages from our highest self while navigating the challenges faced through these new experiences.

  • Different people and their way of being and baggage trigger ourself.
  • Insecurities and uncertainty for not fully knowing the outcome.
  • Our fears show up, asking to be looked at, considered, and healed.
  • The blessings and growth will happen even if we do not fully recognise them at the moment.
  • Opportunities to shine, know ourselves, and become conscious healers of our past to create a healthier future and path.
  • Learn new skills, compassions, insights, and wisdom that can only occur with new experiences.
  • Be witness to others,
  • Lead and offer hope by example, permitting others to take the leap of faith of change.
  • To embrace change and the inherent challenges in the future because you have proven yourself to be capable, worthy, and skilled at navigating uncharted territory (for you).
  • Humbling the mind to allow Spirit to guide your decisions, in Faith, Hope, and Love to co-create the best possible outcome for the greatest good of all, at the right Divine Timing.

Change, is a part of life, like death. It will happen with or without our blessing. The more we surrender to the changes, with less expectation and attachment to the outcome, but having an idea of what it could look like creates the container for God, The Universe, our Highest Self, to guide our thoughts, decisions, and actions towards this future point.   The other part of the challenge then, in this context, is to get out of our way to practice Let Go, and Let God be the helm.


Leah Marmulla
Leah Marmulla
Leah is a Personal Change Agent, an Author and loves to see others make empowered authentic choices. Creating alife on their Terms with confidence, self-confidence. Leah's mission is quite simply to help others take steps to walk their life journey. To teach, support, and share my knowledge around reducing the hold limiting beliefs and fears have in one's life. Enabling empowered choices to make choices based on consciously selected beliefs, values, and character traits. Philosophy: We have four primary 'parts' creating our life experiences. The mind and its ability to create links in the world and therefore 'think'. The body that moves and interacts in the world. Spirit or energy is noticed in our character, values, actions. Then the soul is our core and links us to divinity. Over time, our life experiences have created layers. Each layer either lifted us up or weighed us down, either reinforcing our beliefs or helping to loosen their hold over our lives. There are many ways in which life dampens our innate joy and peace. An unkind word, frightening experiences, cultural norms that devalue or make others less than. Often the result is we start to believe "I am not good enough at....."; "I must have ...... before I even can consider being happy, or fulfilled" etc. According to psychologists, our beliefs, by their very nature, frame our outlook on life, interactions with others, quality of life, workplace, and impact in our love relationships, family, and most importantly, ourselves.

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