Dear Dreamer,

You have sent me many dream questions from my Newsletter. So, to answer them all, I’ve created a Dear Dreamer series because I believe that by reading the answers to the dreams of other dreamers we enrich our waking-life. Each section in the series will focus on answering your dream questions. Don’t worry. I won’t embarrass you by using your whole name.

Today, your wildest dream questions and dreams are my main priority.

Dream Question from Kim:

I have recurring dreams of meeting a celebrity I like and not being able to take a picture with them for various reasons and feeling pissed-off. What does this mean? People have dreams of stars in them all the time. Do celebrities have dreams with nobodies in them? Why do people have dreams of meeting the celebrities in their life? Last night I dreamed Lady Gaga in my face painting pink freckles on my cheeks. The dream was so annoying; I didn’t want her to do that. Does she have dreams of people randomly painting on her face or dreams of her painting on other people’s faces?

What great dreams and questions, Kim. Celebrities hold a special place in our hearts and minds, and that can manifest them in our dreams. They are often aspects of us. We follow celebrities because they resonate with us.

If we believe Jung’s idea that the people in our dreams are aspects of ourselves, your anger in the dream at Lady Gaga may be aimed at that aspect of you.

Are you angry with yourself or your behavior?  

We often imagine celebrities as living the perfect life after overcoming the odds of climbing the ladder of success. They were discovered, considered worthy of stardom and their worth is now celebrated. They have ‘Handlers” in the form of agents, attorneys, and accountants who look after them and take care of their every need. We may desire to be financially and emotionally successful and loved as we imagine they are.

Society and the media have elevated celebrities and used them as the success-measuring-device for life.

We are bombarded with comparisons of ourselves to celebrities on TV, the radio and movies. We may subconsciously want to be in their social circle, be adored and in demand as they are, and live their perfect party life.

This deep desire can play out in your dreams.

Other aspects of dreaming about a particular celebrity can only be explained by you answering these questions:

  • What is it about that celebrity that is most like you or opposite of you?
  • What aspect of their personality is reflected in your personality or lacking in your personality? Do they take liberties like “getting in your face without permission” that annoys you?
  • What is it about them that you respect and feel could be helpful to you? Is it their strength, fortitude, sexiness, attractiveness, success, or wealth?
  • Have they overcome obstacles that are now a part of your waking world?

A client once told me Lady Gaga and her friends marched into her living room, sat on her couch, and waited for her to get dressed to come out and party with them. The client was going through breast cancer treatment and felt lonely and unattractive.

Look at the play on words; “sat in her living room and waited….”

After answering the questions above the dream, the message was clear to her.

  • Be yourself,
  • Overcome your obstacles,
  • Connect with strong women who will wait for you to join them in life.
  • Don’t worry about what others think of you. Focus on what you think of you.
  • And remember what Lady Gaga sang, – however or whoever you are, “You were born this way.”

Yes, I’m pretty sure Lady Gaga has dreams of non-celebrities and may even wish she were able to walk freely down the street unnoticed and unaccented as they do. And, what’s more, Lady Gaga may also dream of her favorite celebrities because everyone dreams their desires.

I hope this helps to answers your incredible dream questions. Ask me anything in the comment box.

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Raissa Urdiales
Raissa Urdiales

I love analyzing dreams. The study of psychology and the quest to understand human behavior has been a lifelong journey. Thank you Kat for your words of wisdom.

Kat O'Keefe-Kanavos

Raissa, I believe the many people we see in our dreams are aspects of ourselves speaking to us about things that are bothering us or things that bring us joy. Our dreams are often a microcosm of our daily life or desires. As a Dreamer, you probably already know this because you have experienced it. Thank you for your astute comment.

Suzie Cheel

Dreams are still something I don’t remember often, from tonight I am going to start reminding my higher self to start recalling
I love this series you have Kat- so enlightening xxoo

Kat O'Keefe-Kanavos

Suzie, I am so happy to hear you are going to work on remembering your dreams. Please share them with us on the Dreamy Monday. I can’t wait to read them as I know they will be an extension of you and therefore beautiful.