It’s time to celebrate the sacred!

Now most of us celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, graduations, career or personal accomplishments… but what about the rest?

You know the rest. The rest of you and the rest of the year.

For example, do you celebrate the friendly dog you got to play with, the kind words received from a friend or better yet a stranger or the heart opening movie you just watched? Wait I know what you’re thinking. ‘Of course, and I have the gratitude journal to prove it!’ Awesome! But what I’m talking about goes way beyond gratitude. We are celebrating!

What about the ordinary experiences that seem less than positive? Do you celebrate your writer’s block, your disagreement with a loved one, or your cheat on your diet or missed workout? How about the bigger stuff? Do you celebrate a broken bone, the loss of a job, or a failed relationship?

Now I know what you’re thinking… ‘Is she crazy? Of course not! Who would want to celebrate any of that?’ Fair enough. But first, let’s back up and define celebrating. I consider celebrating a form of honoring. In fact, the words celebrate and honor can be interchangeable if we choose. Do you celebrate (honor) people, events, and things that you believe have value? Yes, of course, that’s the list we started with.

Although if we dig a little deeper, it then begs the question of ‘what do we believe has value, what is worth honoring?’ I would offer that everything has value, and everything is worth honoring. That is because everything is sacred. Let’s take it wider and include the rest of this beautiful world we live in.

Do you celebrate the ocean and its rhythmic waves as they crash against the shore? The wind as it howls through the trees, the deer that eats your favorite flowers, or the rabbit that chomps on your garden? You can and I would encourage you to celebrate it all!

What is awe-inspiring is that every being and every experience including every exchange, thought, dream, act, emotion, and breath contains an element of the Divine presence and so it is sacred.

✅ Trees, rivers, rocks, and plants are sacred.

✅ Animals of the land and sea are sacred.

✅ Friends and family and neighbors and strangers are sacred.

✅ Helping hands, kind words, and belly laughs are sacred.

✅ Perseverance, compromise, and hard work are sacred.

✅ Good days, not so good days, and outright trying days are sacred.

✅ Perceived slights, setbacks, and failures are sacred.

✅ Tears, fears, and worry is sacred.

✅ Everything is sacred.

✅ You are sacred.

Here’s what I think is the best part of all. When we are open to it, the wisdom, growth, understanding, peace, acceptance, surrender, joy, love, and harmony received from our experiences are gifts and yes, they are sacred.

Join us as together through our stories we are going to celebrate and honor our sacred selves, our sacred experiences, and the greater sacred world that we live in.

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Larry Tyler

Love this. It speaks to me and I am say you are spot on with your list of sacred things.