Humble Servant

Created Cherish Your World From Passion Love Service.   Holistic Transformation Space Mind Body Heart Soul Inside Out. Outside In.   Told to Brand Myself But am Not A Cow. Or a Holocaust Survivor.   Instructed to Funnel Cold call Robo call.   Manipulate with Fake Flattery Fear Tactics Pitch Pain points Scarcity Urgency Chase people. Yell loudly. Shame them.   MAKE MONEY!   A Culture Of Personality Consumerism Accumulating Hoarding Ego Extraversion Manufactures Imposter Syndrome Addiction Narcissism Suicide Loneliness Anxiety Depression   Quiet actions Introspection Critical Thinking Questions Curiosity Cultivate Character A Witness Consciousness.   Vulnerability Births Innovation Creativity Courageous Contribution A life Worth Living.

What is this Money?

A symbol A piece of paper That could Fuel a fire For warmth And light.   It looks like A stable Mountain range Holding you up Like the earth. Like home, Comfort, Safety.   It tastes like A banana Dark chocolate Delicious raspberries Fresh,...

Liberate Yourself!

Every aspect of your life is energetically anchored in your living space, so clearing clutter can transform your entire existence. —Karen Kingston Clutter can show up...