Carry Your Own Weather

Do you carry your own weather or are you constantly triggered by gray clouds on the horizon? Since Covid-19 has shaken our normal sense of comfort, we have all had a dismal forecast of the future. During times of uncertainty, it can become quite easy to feel overwhelmed and react impulsively to emotional situations.  When we do this constantly, we develop a negative outlook which can turn into a habit. The result:  we form a new normal and a negative life stance.

But just as life can become difficult, it can also become easy because as the saying goes “with hardship goeth ease.” So have faith that there is always light behind the dismally gray clouds and if you adjust your perspective such that you learn to respond to life’s challenges, they will become opportunities to grow, and soon, you’ll see brighter days ahead.

To adjust your perspective, remember that it’s rarely about the situation itself but how you react, or rather, how you respond to it.

Your response to circumstances determines your feelings and your quality of life is determined not by what life brings to you, but by the attitude you have towards life. What happens to you is less significant than what happens within you, accepting that while you don’t control your circumstances, you can control your own thoughts. It’s not your position but your disposition that matters.

If you believe that things external to you, like other people, situations or the weather, are the source of your happiness or unhappiness, life will always happen to you.

You’ll be acted upon, feel powerless and victimized, and constantly be looking for reasons to blame others or justify your knee-jerk reactions. Consequently, you start to wallow in self-pity and lose your influence with others.

But if you learn to recognize your triggers and get better at how you control them, if you believe that you have the freedom to respond, not only will you have more influence in your own life, but you’ll have a positive influence over the lives of others. So, rather than reacting impulsively, choose to carry your own weather. When triggered emotionally, pause, take a deep breath, try to respond with more thought and intent. Believing you always have a choice, that your freedom and power can never be surrendered unless you allow it, enables you to act rather than be acted upon. And when this becomes a habit, you’ll discover that hardship really is followed with ease and that the sun is always behind the dark gray clouds.


Mohamed Hammoud
Mohamed Hammoud
Mohamed Hammoud is a dedicated and driven community leader who believes that diversity is a fact, and inclusion is a choice: this is why he strives to break down taboos and misconceptions by using emotional intelligence to shift the landscape and create a positive impact. As an executive with a London-based tech company and a private consultant in leadership development, diversity and inclusion, Mohamed is a multilingual facilitator and engaging keynote and TEDx speaker, media commentator, and community activist. Mohamed is committed to progressive community-building and has served in various capacities as a board member to different not-for-profits and community organizations. He has recently been appointed as Chief Learning Officer with New Canadian Media in an advisory teaching and mentoring role leading NCM’s efforts to diversify the pool of candidates of journalists capable of working in Canadian newsrooms. A contributor to various media outlets, including the CBC and the London Free Press, and an award-winning Toastmaster, Mohamed recently gave a TEDx Talk about identity at the Awake and Aware TEDx Conference in Traverse City, Michigan. Working tirelessly to advocate a message of community inclusion through acceptance and diversity, Mohamed brings his ambition and drive for making positive changes to the Canadian multicultural community.

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