Career Path: Becoming a Researcher Or Adminstrator?

Now you’re probably thinking, what on earth is the difference between a researcher and an administrator anyway? For the world of business, they sound like similar roles but they’re very different indeed. Being an administrator does involve research but you’re effectively trying to manage, improve and plan for your business to succeed. As a researcher, you’re working on specific programs that the business wants to accomplish. See, they both kind of sound the same. But, the researcher has no real say in how new techniques, skills, software, tools and production techniques are implemented. Think of it this way, the researcher is the investigator and the administrator is the judge. They both have their place in business, so which one would suit you more?

Where researchers are needed

All manners of businesses need as many researchers as they can get. It’s common knowledge that researchers are a niche professional group, thus hiring and holding onto as many as you can, is a top priority for the following business types.

  • Science: Companies in the pharmaceutical industry need to hire great researchers that have the ability to implement cutting edge scientific techniques. They usually work in controlled environments such as laboratories.
  • Technology: The companies that really need top-quality researchers in a fast-paced tech industry are businesses like Samsung and Apple. They want researchers that will test materials for tolerances in pressure, temperature, and corrosion.
  • Beauty: In just two decades, there has been an explosion of consumers in the beauty industry. Makeup brands desperately desire to hire researchers that can undertake complex projects to make new products that are both environmentally friendly and cruelty-free.

The desire for admins

Administrators play a crucial role behind the scenes. They are pivotal in the day to day running of businesses. That’s why for the industry you’re planning on getting involved in, you should earn a specific degree or more. Take for example the education industry, if you don’t have an Ed.D you may not be able to play a vital role in the structure of the curriculum. At Bradley University they can explain to you the difference between an Ed.D and a Ph.D. the latter is something you would need to become a researcher while the former is required to play a top role in the administration. The salary protection levels and the ideal degree programs are also explained in detail so you can figure out what kind of route you would like to take.

The desire for administrators is extremely high, especially in small businesses. Small businesses are often set up by people who have no experience in business at all. Therefore, they require admins to perform the functional duties such as revising business plans, devising training programs for their employees, choosing the best software and tools as well as generally keeping the business trim and flexible with regards to its structure. Some small businesses may also allow you to play a role in accounting.

It’s crucial to understand the difference between researchers and administrators. The latter is all about managing and improving the business while the former is about discovery, testing and evaluating.


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