Can you really save your investment?

The rookies in Forex will always have tensions of losing their capital. The traders who barely have any experience of trading at all, fails to use efficient plans. The problem is many individuals prioritize profit potentials before money management. But after starting their career, they receive the opposite experience. Because they experience high potential losses due to big risk exposures. You will also experience frequent losses and high market volatility. About 96 percent of the traders lose money in the markets due to inappropriate planning. You will be a common participant who loses his money if you are not careful.

In this article, we will discuss some necessary concepts of ensuring money management to the full potential. With the best strategies, you can ensure control over the capital. At the same time, good risk to reward ratio can be ensured too. To assure quality trade execution, try to control your emotions and excitement. Instead of being emotional, try to follow a constructive strategy for the trades. Also, use the demo platform to improve your skills.

Reduce excitement for profits

When we have no skills or knowledge about trading, emotions will dominate over efficiency. Unfortunately, the amateur traders think of only the profit potentials from the Forex industry. Eventually, they come back to reality experiencing the system and from executing trades. But, many traders cannot effort to lose too much while learning about the process. They must secure the investment from high potential losses while learning. To manage it, they must control their excitement first. Because emotions can disturb your strategies while participating in Forex.

To secure the capital use a 2% risk per trade strategy for each execution. But, the market condition may show a potential price pattern. And you may think of increasing the risk exposure. If you increase the investment, the execution will be unsafe. Because you will lose control over the positions. Then you will lose money from an unplanned execution. This will increase your emotions even more. So, it is safe to be less excited and more focused towards the execution process. If necessary, stick to the Forex trading demo account for the first year to develop your skills.

Plan for the risk exposures

To deal with any business, you need to think about risk management. In the case of Forex trading, it is a little bit different. Here, you may not get the associated costs but trading is highly dependent on money management. Because it will control all other aspects of the system. Think about the same 2% investment policy we mentioned earlier. If you use this policy, the execution will be safe. Because you will not struggle to plan for other procedures. Moreover, the market analysis will be effective.

So, the executions will be subtle with very little mental pressure. Because your mindset will not hype for big profits. The management of a decent risk to reward ratio will be easy as well. This is the tendency which pro traders follow. As provides a constructive strategy, the management is not disturbed. Try to embrace the idea of quality over quantity for your business.

Strictly follow your strategy

You must prepare an effective trading plan and follow it strictly. Because drifting apart from your trading edge is not helpful for quality execution. Being the rookie trader, your mentality can fall for any expert’s policies or strategies in an instant. But you cannot trade with every single strategies… Executing the trades with a random strategy will return high potentials losses. You can still take opinions from others but with proper testing.

Use the demo account to testify what you learn a strategy. If it is effective, place the live trades efficiently. At the same time try to adapt yourself with new ideas or plans. Because, without acceptance, it is very hard to improvise or modify a particular edge. You will also have a low interest in the process when the system is not appealing to you.


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