Can Using Attendance Management Tools Be A Good Thing?

[su_dropcap style=”flat”]M[/su_dropcap]OST COMPANIES pay their workers an annual salary. They can afford to offer some flexibility to their staff when it comes to time management. But, if people get paid by the hour, it’s crucial their time gets monitored. After all; a business doesn’t want to pay hourly staff for time where they are not working!

One of the best ways to keep tabs on people’s working hours is by using time management tools. Decades ago, people would use old-fashioned punch card systems. This is where you get a piece of card with your name on it. You insert it into a machine that “punches” the time of when you start work, and you do so again when you finish.

Human Resources departments then tally up your working times and pay you for your time. Nowadays, time management has taken a more modern approach. The rise of technology means that one can use software and gadgets to record time.


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If you pay your staff by the hour, is it a good idea to use time management tools? Or should you be more trusting of them? Well, the problem is you can’t always be there in person to observe their working times. Time management tools are there to make both your life and that of your staff easier.

Here are some reasons why it makes sense to stick with the time management tools approach:

They offer accurate time tracking

First of all, if both you and your staff use such tools, there is one thing no-one can deny. Time management tools offer accurate time tracking!

Most time and attendance software will synchronise the current time with Internet time servers. That means there can be no issue or dispute over incorrect timings. Almost all computers and electronic systems synchronise the current time with the Internet.

You can identify trends

There will be times where you have issues with timekeeping to deal with. Some of your employees may not work as much as they should each day. But, why is that so?


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Time management tools can help you identify trends and patterns with each worker’s timekeeping. For instance, you could spot that one person is usually 15 minutes late for work each day. Or you might notice that another employee takes 20% longer time on average for their lunch breaks.

An employee that doesn’t work for the full time you pay them for costs you more than money. They will reduce your ability to be productive and efficient.

Given the tough trading conditions firms deal with each day, it’s crucial not to waste any money. If you spot workers that aren’t working, you’ve got evidence to help you remedy the situation.

Attendance management tools make payroll easier

When you’ve got scores of hourly staff to pay, it can take time to process their time sheets.

The beauty of using attendance management tools is that the data you need is accessible. Often, one can just import the information into a payroll system without any need for data input. That means your HR staff can pay employees quicker. And it also means your business is more “lean” and efficient.


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Time management is crucial to enforcing company policy

If your business pays the best wages, you expect the best from your employees. But, what happens if they aren’t giving you their best at all times? Sure, outside factors in one’s personal life can sometimes hamper productivity. We are all human after all!

Sometimes, though, employees may not feel like doing much work out of sheer laziness. Your company policy may dictate a “three strikes, and you’re out” approach to idleness. If that’s the case, time and attendance management tools can help.

They can provide you with the evidence you need to show when workers aren’t at their stations. They aren’t just about clocking in and out of work each day. They can get used to track one’s activities during the day.

From going to specific parts of a building to exiting it several times each day. You will have the proof at your fingertips to take action against poor-performing workers.

They facilitate multi-site record-keeping

Last, but not least, let’s consider a scenario where you have several offices or sites. You can be at all places at the same time to keep track of your employees.


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The brilliant thing about attendance management tools is they make your life easier. You can gather intelligence about when your employees work across dozens of sites.

Software can get used to create reports on those with good and bad time-keeping.

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