Can Minds Have Sabbatical Leaves?

We all go on vacation. We relax our stressed bodies, probably hearts as well but can our minds too have sabbatical leave?

The body-heart mind is interconnected and if one gets stressed it affects the other two. The challenge is to allow the mind to have a relaxing sabbatical leave. Our senses feed our minds. Our memories feed our minds as well. How could we then allow the mind to have a genuine sabbatical leave?

There is another problem. The more we think without relaxing the mind, the more what we want to escape from becomes stronger. To try intentionally to avoid escaping a thought the more the thought hardens. This adverse effect only adds to increased stress.

The mind deserves a sabbatical leave. If we keep thinking about it the less value the sabbatical leave shall have.

I suffered recently the loss of my mother. The more I wanted to stop thinking for a short while about her the more the idea persisted. I am bringing closer what I am trying to put away even for a short time.

How then can the mind enjoy a real sabbatical leave? I find from my recent experience that playing with a 1-2 years baby works the best for me. My daughter visited me last night with her 18 months baby girl, Celine. She is very funny, playful, and distractive because if you leave her for a moment she might do the least expected.

Celine occupied my attention. I was in the moment with her. I accepted no distraction away from enjoying her innocent tricks and smiles. There are no formalities or restrictions between her and me.

I did not try to distract my mind from the thoughts of my mother’s memory. It was spontaneous. It was effortless. It was natural. It was engaging.

I found that what brings real sabbatical leave to the mind in the most needed times is being with a baby. I read many posts on similar issues, but none referred to playing with babies. Their innocence brings natural calm to our minds. I know not all babies are the same, but they all grasp our attention and replace the persisting and stressful thoughts in our minds so that they have no real sabbatical leave.

Do you want to substitute the thoughts that stress you? Do you want to replace them with milder thoughts? Do you want to prevent external agitation of your mind?

My recommendation is to play with a baby. They achieve it all effortlessly.


Ali Anani
Ali Anani
My name is Ali Anani. I hold a Ph.D. from the University of East Anglia (UK, 1972) Since the early nineties I switched my interests to publish posts and presentations and e-books on different social media platforms.

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  1. Beautiful post, Ali 🙏 I, too have recently experienced the sudden death of a dear soul-sister and am gratefully aware how my mind is responding. As my heart grieves, my mind gently opens into the depths of the moment – moments full of memories, feelings, and images – making their presence known as each one surfaces, often unexpectedly, which is the gift my mind offers – space to remember the gift of living and loving. Within this open space where Love flows freely, life’s priorities shift; a clarity of what really matters – living and loving every day. The details my mind usually focuses on dissolve into the background. It feels like a natural gift our bodies remember when we are overwhelmed – when our ‘reality’ shatters into pieces as what once felt safe and predictable now are holographic images reflected in the pieces of the broken mirror. Time stops as eternity breathes within every moment. Is this a sabbatical of the mind or a natural gift that helps us realign with the truth of who, what, and why we are? A sabbatical would infer we return to what was before… and is that what we really want? 😉 My mind is not on sabbatical…my mind is continually transforming and aligning with the fullness of who I AM…LOVE 💗🙏

    • Stunning comment Amy
      The whole idea of sharing this post is simply sharing such rich experiences as yours so that we all may learn.

      When our minds are stuck with the idea escaping or denying a grief can we transform? It is during these times that we need a sabbatical leave so that we may leave the grief temporarily aside till we have your awakening and transform into something better.

      The way you explain your transformation is a high level and maybe we need some sabbatical leave so that we may realize the need to think as you do.

  2. Another great write up. Interesting,intruding and emotional . Admire and concur great sentence with “if you leave her for a moment she might do the least expected”. Agree the children are play full & full of love .they seek love and share unconditional one. Secondly the mind is dynamic, it travels at supersonic speeds & beyond barriers of any nature.

    Truly thinking on the title, as engineer. It is something that the computer or processor is switched of for a robot ? How will it behave . then it can take all default values…. All those safe as speed zero, stay where is…..
    thanks for sharing

    • You make feel that you wrote the post, Vinod. It is because you reflected what I feel and what I wished to communicate in this post.

      I agree totally with your comment and expansion. Regarding the title of the post and how you described an analogy for it I dare say your mind thinks at ultrasonic speed.

  3. Such a beautiful post, Ali. I am sure it increased the pleasure that it was your granddaughter and not any random baby. Somehow, seeing the next generation get into the world makes it easier to accept the ongoing cycle of life.

    After my father’s funeral, my husband and kids and I walked the beach looking for special rocks – those with a little hole in them. You only see them if you focus completely. It was just what we needed – a time-out for the mind.

    • Finding special rocks with small holes in them- that is if your are unlucky in your case., Charlotte. This is because you wanted to keep concentrating on focusing on finding them so that yo may stay away from a bad memory.

      Thank you so much for your appreciation and for suggesting a simple, yet effective way of distracting the mind when needed.