Can Hope be a Beneficial Part of Your Life Plan?

What is the Big Picture for your life? Do you even have a bigger view of who you are or what you want to do next?

I ask questions as it is sometimes the only way to know what is going on in one’s life. Ask yourself questions and get these thoughts out of your head and into some form of reality.

Spend less time thinking about things that are of no service to you and source the truth that works for you and your life.

If you have a life plan, maybe even a life Vision, are you purposefully living your Vision, or are you hoping things will all work out?

Hope is not a plan yet hope is a superpower strategy that allows you to be more creative if used wisely. Hope is defined as a feeling of expectation and the desire for a certain thing to happen. Hope is the strength of your desire. If you truly want something, to have some hope helps.

However, hope is not in lieu of a plan. You must have a plan. A plan includes all the details of what you want to accomplish – sooner rather than later. This plan is part of your Life Vision and how this Vision relates to you and what you want to achieve.


Joanne Victoria
Joanne Victoria
JOANNE VICTORIA is the author of 7 books including Lighting Your Path - How To Create the Life You Want and Vision With a Capital V - Create the Business of Your Dreams. Joanne lives in the Greater Seattle, WA area. After professions such as Real Estate Broker/Owner, CFO of an investment company, CFO and Sales & Marketing Director of a home-building company, owner of New Directions, a business development firm as well as Gemma & Bixley, a coaching and consulting company, Joanne was ready for her next adventure, helping Leaders & Entrepreneurs live the life they want. Joanne took her business and personal development expertise, added in several ounces of intuition and humor, along with studies in philosophy, Buddhism, and leadership, all to be the best-qualified Life Coach ever. Joanne Victoria is the host of the "The Sanity Project Podcast", and partners with Leaders & Entrepreneurs who want better Life/Work Harmony, more clarity, more confidence, more fun and more success in their lives.


  1. Hope is the ignition for the plan to live.
    Once you start…exploration is allowed to prosper😀😀🙏

    Love this Victoria
    “ Spend less time thinking about things that are of no service to you and source the truth that works for you and your life.”

    Thank you for another wonderful inspiring read my friend😀😀👏🏻

  2. I believe that our thinking is made of hope, because we evaluate our future every minute, even if only for the next minute, and we want it to be a positive future. Therefore hope has a logical basis that projects us into the future. The term hope, in Latin “spes”, in fact derives from the Greek word “elpìs” which originally means “desire”. Now, since nobody wants evil for himself, hope since ancient times has meant tending towards good. So we can say that hoping is almost a biological necessity for the individual, close to the imperative of survival, and I believe that society has a duty to protect it.