Can Dreaming Predict the Future?

Aren’t we all dreamers? I mean in the right way. Dreaming is excellent for creating better ideas and solutions. In other words, reimagining or reimagination helps us solve a difficult problem by exposing us to hidden scenarios. People who master the ability to act on their dreams can see them become a reality instead of mere wishes.

Well, let’s see… can you not just work on your dream, but on achieving this dream? Can you motivate yourself to overcome obstacles and exertion to make your dream a reality?

Remember what you dreamed about when you were ten or fifteen or twenty? How many dreams did you have that only slipped away? If everyone stopped pursuing a dream simply because they could not see the proof in their ability to see it through or did not have the immediate resources, then nothing in our home or outside of it would exist. A dream is faith in the unseen becoming real.

There are many people who, with “average’ intelligence, went on to become neurosurgeons, accomplished artists, astronauts, and mathematicians.

So what is the difference between those who have enormous resources and fail compared to those who have limited or no resources at all who succeed?

The difference is in their thinking. In some respects, we all become who we want to be because it is who we are convinced we are. These other people, as you will call them, did become whom they wanted to become because they dreamt of it. They played the part of victim thinking over and over again until they built a strong belief defending their dream and their part in it. Those who saw the end from the beginning believed in themselves and acted on their dreams: step-by-step.

Feel the difference? That’s what it takes to bring your dream into reality; action, planning, strategy, self-confidence, self-awareness, strength, and of course, a positive mindset. So yes, the dream can very much predict your future. We know you have what it takes inside you. You are smart, and you are kind, you are unique. You are special.

So, you can manifest any dream, even the one’s that do not reveal any possible reality. So much that we have today has become commonplace. Yet, two generations, almost all of it would have been impossible were it not for some person who dared to dream and then execute.


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The Woods Kovalova Group
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  1. Dreams are the fuel of life, they are what keeps us going and makes us do every pieces of road to get where we want. We can have infinite passions, even very different from each other, that make us feel happy and fill our hearts. It is only up to us to move the limits and widen the boundaries.
    Yet we often do not even begin to try to realize our dreams because we think that it takes time, that we need money, that we always need great things or ather else. By doing so, we simply miss the opportunities that knock at the door and that could lead us towards our goal.
    The real and greatest mistake is that we always try to plan everything, we think we know how to reach the goal we have set ourselves, while we are continually receiving signals that we ignore because we are too busy in thinking, thinking and planning. But we must only think of a possible path, a road that rationally seems right. The exercise to be done is to train ourselves each day to stay in the body more than in the mind, listen to the signals, return to trust our emotions and intuition.

  2. I have to say I do agree. You become what you tell yourself
    When you start believing. Your dream starts living.
    Focus on a place you want to be…just keep that image… use what you have and b
    Never let anyone else tell you that you can’t do something. You have to try things out.
    You will find that part that is meant for you.
    Thanks for this uplifting and inspirational piece here