Ursula was born into a life of servitude as a poverty-stricken farm girl to an alcoholic mother and a war-torn, Korean veteran father deep within the Mountains of the Shenandoah. There is something worse than being poor and that is being called “poor white trash.” In the land of opportunity, it became Ursula’s unrelenting nemesis.
Poignant difficulties and humorous trepidations drive Ursula to build her own moral compass by observing the people that float in and out of her life.
Her best friend is a mighty oak tree, standing tall and broad in the front yard of the deteriorated, clapboard farmhouse she calls home. It has kept her secrets….until now. Settle in with Ursula as she tells her breathtaking story in vivid detail. You will find yourself in the moment with her laughing one moment and crying the next.

About The Author

Arlene Switzer Flynn is passionate and very much enjoys the weaving of the words to tell a story. She calls herself a Word Weaver of sorts as she transports the reader back to another era. Arlene has gone to the old and beautiful Shenandoah Mountains of Virginia to tell you the breathtaking story of Ursula. Hear Ursula’s words and see through her eyes as Arlene weaves her in and out of poignant difficulties and humorous trepidations all climaxing in the reckoning with Ursula’s unrelenting nemesis. Arlene lives in what she calls her Forest. She writes before dawn with her faithful dog Braveheart at her feet. She tends a vegetable garden and cares for a small flock of chickens.


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