Burnout and Menopause

In this episode, Clarissa interviews her colleague and fellow coach Sarah Bellorini about her remarkable transition from career crisis in middle management marketing to a connected leader creating sustainable change for others. Sarah shares her journey from a burnout that precipitated an early menopause. And how she made the internal transformation from confusion and low confidence to clarity about who she is today – In the interview, we touch on energy leadership, creativity and mandalas and Sarah’s unique offering to others wanting to ditch their confusion and become connected, confident and creative leaders’.

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Dr. Clarissa Hughes
Dr. Clarissa Hughes is the CEO and founder of The Little Breathing Space based in Göteborg, Sweden. She has a passion for working with busy business people through tailored mindfulness coaching to find their optimal stress levels and to be able to better navigate the demands of modern life skillfully. Her coaching empowers them to develop a higher capacity to feel clear-headed, confident and thriving in a life that reflects their purpose. Clarissa has been a senior manager in some of the world’s largest multinationals in the UK and Asia-Pacific for over 28 years. She suffered a burnout due to stress and found her way back to a calmer, more connected life through mindfulness. Clarissa is an accredited Breathworks Mindfulness practitioner, iRest Yoga Nidra teacher has experience and an academic background in human behaviour. She is a keynote speaker at leadership conferences, hosts the podcast ‘A Little Breathing Space’ and regularly appears in articles, podcasts, and radio interviews internationally talking all things mindfulness. Clarissa believes that mindfulness is more than daily meditation - it is a way of living with compassionate self-awareness so that we can truly thrive.
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