Bullying is NOT OK –Please Stop It!

1 in every 4 young people in the UK have been victims of bullying in the past 12 months with 77% of those being bullied explaining that it negatively impacted their mental health. It (bullying) may seem innocent and ‘just business’ and may sound like:

  • “Do I need to get XX involved?”  Whether delivered with an emoji or not, it’s bullying.  Period.

  • It may be overt and be causing mental or physical harm to another human being.  Look out for your fellow humans

  • It may be in the form of bias such as “oh don’t consider XX, she will have a kid in the next couple of years.”

The term bias lets oppressors off too easily I feel at times. It is a form of bullying, seeking to other, reduce or ignore another equally valuable human being.  If you see yourself in any of the above, don’t feel ashamed but do feel accountable, reflect and if needed seek some support.

If you don’t think this ‘happens anymore’, also please seek support.  It is rife and is holding us all collectively back. It is insidious, often accepted as ‘normal,’ covertly or even overtly getting by as culture, “it’s just what happens around here.”

Getting help isn’t a weakness, perpetuating bullying and violence is a weakness.  It’s a cry for help, you or they may not recognise it.  Please seek support.

I was bullied as a kid repeatedly aged 12/13 by a gang of youths and I said nothing, suppressing emotion for another 20+ years.  I forgave ‘that’ lead bully, but I locked away a fair amount of the whole ‘me’ for a long time.

I was bullied in the workplace several years ago and overthought my way into a mental health episode over a 6 month period.  I ‘forgive’ that bully. I will not, however, allow myself to be bullied in any way, shape, or form anymore, nor will I stand by as I did hearing that woman many years ago being bypassed for consideration for promotion due to her age.

Having experienced another example of bullying again recently, I will invite you again, please stop bullying.

For both your and the oppressed’s sake, neither of you benefit! Certainly not internally anyway.

Please drop oppression of all forms, now.

The wonderful thing about our in-the-moment human experience is that we can stop any form of oppression, right now. We are one thought or changed belief from everything shifting, what one changed thought or belief could best serve you in this moment?

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Garry Turner
Garry Turnerhttps://www.hexochangenow.com/
Combining a powerful mix of international sales and culture expertise, Garry is facilitating individual and team transformations as an interpersonal catalyst. With over 20 years of sales and relationship building experience and qualified in organisational design and development, learning & development and as a chartered member of the CIPD, he focuses on bringing intentional human-centred working to all walks of life, and has the evidence to validate this necessary paradigm shift. Whether through connection-centred workshops, keynote talks, live events or through Thinking Partnerships, Garry is driven by his two non-negotiable core values of growth and connection.