Building Personal Resources To Enhance Health And Productivity

As we look to enhance health and productivity, we benefit when we have maximum access to our personal resources. As humans, our personal resources encompass body, mind, and spirit.

We naturally focus on what we can see, measure and understand. We naturally discount what we don’t see, can’t measure and don’t understand. In so doing, we easily underestimate our most powerful resource – our spirit.

Our body is the hardware.

Our mind is the software.

Our spirit is the user of the body and mind.

(Lammers, 2015)

Spirit Is Energy And Involves Both Flow And Purpose

The word ‘spirit’ has many references – to religion, to the supernatural and even to alcohol. When we distill it down to ‘energy’, it provides a basis to contextualize how we can build our spiritual resources to enhance health and productivity.

To maximize the power of our muscles, we exercise to build strength. To maximize the power of our energy, we focus on restoring flow. We know that we freeze our energy in the thoughts and emotions of life events. We know that words have the power to shift energy. And we know that as we target perceptions in our personal space, we can neutralize reactions to create a sense of peace and calm.

In addition to life energy, as humans, we are born with a life purpose. When our energy is not in flow, it is not available to us and we become disconnected from our life purpose. We react in closed, habitual patterns of behaviour rather than embracing life’s challenges and contrast to create innovative responses.

Reactions Provide Information On Where To Start

To enhance our physical resources, we have numerous measures to indicate how to focus for best results. From checkups to assessments, we regularly receive quantitative and qualitative feedback to direct our efforts.

When we talk about enhancing our spiritual resources, we require different information to guide the process. Our thoughts, emotions and sensations all provide valuable information on where our energy is stuck.

When we talk about enhancing our spiritual resources, we require different information to guide the process. Our thoughts, emotions, and sensations all provide valuable information on where our energy is stuck. We can measure the level of distress using a SUDS (Subjective Units of Distress) scale, rating the discomfort on a scale of 0 to 10. Although this scale may not appear elaborate, it is accessible to each of us and provides the necessary information to allow us to process our reactions.

Our cultural attitudes and individual beliefs encourage us to build our physical and mental resources to be strong; be perfect; try hard hurry up and please others (Kahler’s Drivers). These attitudes and beliefs are based on freezing our energy to support the automatic patterns of behaviour. As we increase the rate and intensity of change, more of our energy becomes frozen in energy structures that determine the automatic responses. Rather than experiencing life in flow, we experience thoughts, emotions, and sensations in reaction to our environment.

Providing Tools To Restore and Reconnect

For generations, people have acknowledged a spiritual connection to a higher purpose using the power of words through prayer. Leveraging this ability, we can further refine our skills and knowledge to target the process of restoring energy flow and reconnecting to life purpose using a more targeted, guided approach with specific words to shift energy.

Logosynthesis® is a guided change method, developed by Dr. Willem Lammers, that allows us to connect with our reactions (our thoughts, emotions, and sensations) and use this information to identify, isolate and neutralize the perceptions that trigger the response. Whether we are stuck on an ideal of how things should be or frozen in a limiting belief that appears to be fact, the process resolves the presented issue so that it no longer triggers the reaction. As we learn to process this ‘frozen’ energy, we restore flow to allow us to connect to our life purpose.

Learning By Application Of The Process

In a corporate environment, we rely on individuals knowing their role and ‘doing their job’. In my situation, I experienced significant frustration when people in senior positions did not know the fundamentals of their job. In reality, as is often the case in large organizations, people frequently switched roles and learning curves were often steep. In an effort to establish credibility, many adopted a dominant, confident tone that did not exude willingness for counsel. I reacted.

I used my reactions as information. In addition, to be feeling frustrated, my voice often cracked in anger, with an accompanying thought that ‘In their position, they should know this stuff.’ I felt intensity in my reaction. As I applied the Logosynthesis® process, an interesting perception arose. I recalled repeated visits to the doctor as a child because of symptoms of undiagnosed celiac disease. I recalled the doctor’s words to my mother: ‘There is nothing wrong with her so don’t bring her back.’ I suffered my entire childhood and felt that given his position, he should have known that there was something wrong. I processed this perception and felt calmer. The reality was, at that time, the awareness of celiac disease was low. He honestly did not know.

As I now thought about the people triggering my frustration, they honestly did not know. I felt calmer with this thought as well. This shift did not change the people who did not know their jobs but it did allow me to have better conversations – both to support their learning and to gain alignment for what I needed to perform my role. The irritation on this presenting issue did not return.

Lead Change By Building Our Own Resources First

We are all human and we all freeze energy to provide a framework of beliefs to make our lives easy. When conditions do not match our framework, we experience reactions in the form of thoughts, emotions, and sensations. Our natural desire is to change others and change our environment to make ourselves feel more comfortable. We get stuck in our perspectives and have difficulty appreciating a broader perspective.

When we learn to do our own work first, we process the reactions that operate below our level of awareness. Our tone, facial expressions, and body posture shift to be more open for others. The work is not about changing our beliefs but rather neutralizing our reactions so that we can have the important conversations without being derailed by emotions, thoughts, and sensations.

We can restore flow and reconnect with purpose. Our opportunity is to learn to let go of the perceptions that are frozen in our limiting beliefs, painful memories and notions about how things should be. As we learn to resolve the blocks, we restore both flow and connection for both health and productivity.


Cathy Caswell
Cathy Caswell
CATHY guides people to reduce stress, unlock their potential and enjoy life more fully using Logosynthesis. As a dietitian with an MBA, she enjoyed a corporate career in the food industry in production, marketing, and sales. She knows firsthand the benefits of being able to get unstuck from reactive patterns that negatively impact work, health, wealth, and relationships. As a Coach and President of The Healthy Living Plan Inc. and a Master Practitioner and Instructor in Logosynthesis®, she is committed to supporting leaders at all levels. Through online 1-1 coaching and now app-based remote coaching using the Essence Unlock Potential app, Cathy supports people to routinely use this healthy lifestyle practice to achieve their goals. Cathy is the author of Logosynthesis®: Enjoying Life More Fully and Thriving In Our Times: From Reactions To Action Using Logosynthesis®. 

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