Bringing Safety Into The Cleaning Industry

Cleaning is an essential part of business maintenance. In the past 10 years, the cleaning sector has grown tremendously, averaging a total growth of 6.6% every year. The global commercial cleaning service market was expected to reach $308.7 billion in 2020, with prices varying between $0.05 and $2.00 per square depending on cleaning requirements. 

Indeed, there is more to commercial cleaning than meets the eyes. It makes sense for businesses to reach out to a personal cleaning company to maintain their office’s appearance. Clean and tidy premises make a positive impression on visitors, potential partners, and even future employees as they apply. Additionally, it also protects the health of your current team. Even though people are back in the office, it makes no doubt that COVID-19 threats are still present. Frequent cleaning will enable the company to:

  • Remove germs and other viruses from the premises
  • Prevent the spread of airborne diseases
  • Create a safe working environment for all 

Yet, safety is frequently an issue that gets ignored when it comes to cleaning staff. Here are crucial precautions that businesses should consider taking to protect cleaning teams. 

Permanent safe installations

It is unfair to expect the cleaning team to put themselves at risk for the sake of improving your business environment. Essential additions, such as roof anchor systems for window cleaners, can make a huge difference in the safety of the cleaning staff. 

Indeed, every year, some cleaning specialists, such as window washers, defy death when they are exposed on the side of buildings. The rise of fatality is constant as a result of poor equipment provided by the cleaning company and the lack of suitable infrastructure around the business area. 

Therefore, if a business requires dangerous cleaning, such as window cleaning on skyscrapers or specialist machinery cleaning, it should become a business priority to have safety structures installed. 

Insist on using safe cleaning procedures

Some industry sectors will require specialist cleaning products and tools. Therefore, the responsibility falls onto the business to seek a cleaning partner who can handle the pressure of working with high-risk products. In other words, you want a commercial cleaning team that is fully trained to tackle the challenges of the role. 

For companies that do not require specialist tools and solutions, it can be beneficial to focus on environmentally-friendly cleaning approaches. These are safe to the skin and do not add to the indoor pollution in the office, and cleaners are also unlikely to sustain injuries through mishandling accidents. 

Keep strict cleaning and tidying rules in the office

The cleaning team helps sanitize and maintain your premises. However, it’s no excuse to encourage your employees to leave the place in a messy condition. Loose cables, suspicious substances, and half-filled glasses on desk corners are just as dangerous for the cleaning professionals as they are to your team. 

Encouraging everyone in the office to tidy after themselves can make sure the cleaning team is able to maintain your office safe and germ-free. 

Commercial cleaning services are here to stay and expected to grow further in the aftermath of COVID-19, so it becomes crucial for businesses to consider vital environmental improvements. Cleaning teams face a high level of risks in their profession, whether they work inside or outside the office. Therefore, businesses must bring their game to the next level to protect their cleaning partners and, by extension, their own employees too.

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