Breathing Music

–with Davy Yue

I asked Davy Yue to share hosting duties for Our Friendship Bench on November 10th. The conversation that followed, especially the candid, touching stories of the transformative and healing power of music, led us to record this short video, “Breathing Music.” We found ourselves talking about music and poetry. Here is the video and the poem Davy read for us.

All audacious ambitions that creativity trespass
All my talents that entrance to outspin a compass
All heroic honed hobbies entertain elite’s access
As such so many I can confess, be blessed, digress
As such I call forth complexities to dreams intense
My gallant talents champion colorful cosmos immense

Folding origami to give birth to vase, stem, and rose
Proclaim procreation from paper to elegant proper prose
Profess precious profoundness as each crease proposed
Proper ponderings on prophetic paper elements imposed

Painting styles as modern, contemporary, and abstract
Every stroke of the brush leaves much less to subtract
Effusive designs before last bell, final call, closing act
Imaginative innovations brushed into canvas’ sealing pact

Improvising alto sax melodies, symphonies, and maladies
Monumental musical movements to mesmerize complexities 
Compose expeditions from notes, staffs, and visionaries
Challenge Beethoven movements from auditory intricacies

Designing luxury home decor – rich, enriched, entrenched
Lavish ellusive illuminated visual ideologies drenched
Measured masquerade – masks, gloves, and ways to fade
Magnificent eloquent evident for lovely life well made

As thus effusive entities – intents, talents, endowments
All expansive elements emphasize a man of empowerment
I express diversions to birth beauty’s bravery eminent

Davy Yue


Mac Bogert
Mac Bogert
I fell in love with learning, language, and leadership through the intervention of two professors—I had actually achieved a negative GPA—who kicked my butt for drifting through my first couple of semesters at Washington and Lee University. After graduate school at U. Va., I started teaching English at a large high school in northern Virginia. A terrific principal lit my fire, a terrible one extinguished it. I left after five years (the national average, as it turns out, maybe the only time I did something normal) and started an original folk/blues/rock band. That went well for a time until the record company sponsoring us folded. I toured for some years as an acoustic blues musician, primarily as an opening act for bands like the Muddy Waters Band, Doc, and Merle Watson and such remarkable talent. As that market dried up (disco), I earned my Coast Guard Masters License and worked for the next decade as a charter and delivery captain and sailing instructor. At the same time, I was working part-time as an actor and voice-over artist, selling inflatable boats and encyclopedias, and working as a puppeteer. Itchy feet, I suppose. I came back into the system in 1987 as a teacher specialist in health and drug education in my county school system, also part-time as Education Coordinator (and faculty member) for Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts. I ‘departed’ both jobs in 1994 (therein lie more stories than 350 words could hold) and started my own business. AzaLearning is the career I’d been dodging for decades. I serve 200 clients around the country, helping with all kinds of coaching, planning, transforming conflict, creative problem-solving, communication, and mediation (I also trained and worked as a community mediator somewhere during sailing and teaching): learning, language, and leadership. In 2016 I published Learning Chaos: How Disorder Can Save Education and actively contribute to a couple of online education magazines as well as publish a newsletter, a blog, and the learning chaos podcast.

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