Branding Lessons From Household Names

For your company to be a hit, you need to create an awesome, incredible brand that people trust. It’s fair to say that if you have a great brand, your product doesn’t even need to be that great. For instance, Donald Trump sold millions of products based on his name alone and the arguably the quality just wasn’t there. But guess what? The products still sold and it was all thanks to his own personal brand. As such, we think there are plenty of lessons to learn from household brand names that would be useful for any business owner looking to make it big. Let’s start by thinking about Disney.

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Connect With Your Audience

Disney is arguably one of the most popular film brands on the market today. Of course, Disney has their finger in more pies than just the film industry. They have theme parks all over the world, home entertainment and of course, merchandise. They arguably have an empire that includes multiple brands including Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar. Many people think that Disney has a built in market. But that’s not true, and anyone who has researched the history of the company knows that they have had some rough times. After the so-called renaissance of Disney animation, they were nowhere near the level of profitability on the market they are at today. The reason Disney have become so popular is that they know how to connect. They sell from the point of view of the customer, and this is why the brand is so successful.

Embed Your Product In Pop Culture

Coca Cola was one of the very first companies to do this. Although, many more have followed up with the idea using celebrities, films, and pop culture icons to sell their product. But Coke is arguably the best example because they cemented the modern version of the character Santa through their own marketing. The red coat, the jolly old man, all was derived from their own marketing campaign. As such, Coke managed to connect themselves to the Christmas season forever with clever marketing.

Perfect Your Website

If there is one business that knows how to use its website effectively it’s Nestle. According to Forbes, Nestle uses their site for reputation management. The company have faced harsh criticism over some of their products and now they use the web page as a platform to beat back the naysayers. This isn’t the only way to use your site in business of course. But website design and branding are essentially two sides of the same coin.

Legendary Logos

We’re sure that there are plenty of logos that come to mind when thinking about business images that stand out. But we would argue one of the most popular today is the Apple. It’s not just a logo, it’s fashion. It’s something that you show off on the tech that you buy with pride. Now, we are not suggesting that Apple is popular purely because they have an awesome logo. That’s simplifying things far too much, but it’s certainly helped them be remembered by the public.

Using these lessons you can make sure your company has the potential to be as big as some of these brands.

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