Brain Trauma, Injuries, and Concussions

I have been in two car accidents, one where I totaled my car, one as a passenger, almost drowned as a child, tripped and slipped on cement stairs and wood stairs, over laundry baskets, legs of chairs, and loose carpets more times than I can remember.

My last head injury was four years ago, a pretty serious one where I blacked out, but was alone when it happened. I almost did not survive this one. I remember vaguely being asked if I wanted to go and give up. I did not as I was not ready to go yet. I knew I had much to accomplish yet. Much to contribute. Here I am.

I have hit my head a few times since, mild injuries, but they add up. I also have been ill with other things and the pandemic was no exception. I am still here. Still highly motivated, inspired, positive, and optimistic, and know I am here for a purpose still unfolding before me.

Migraines, headaches, pain, and more affect me regularly. I am learning to manage all and refuse to give in to the chronic pain I experience along with the challenges put in my path to test my perseverance and determination.

I care at my core. I am here to be a guiding light, to mentor, to teach, to motivate, and inspire. This is my purpose and I accept it gratefully and willingly.

My various head injuries or traumas come with some challenges: issues with lighting, noise, crowds, scent sensitivity, challenges around perception, processing information, memory, headaches, migraines, distraction, need for solitude, anxiety, and depression at times, inflammation, and more.

Add in shoulder injuries, sciatica, head, and neck pain because of where I hit my head four years ago, a cycling accident, miscarriages, fractured toes and fingers, divorce, starting over in my life, and adjusting once again to a new location/area.

No Western medicine for me as I am HSP and react to almost all. Highly Sensitive Person which comes with its own stuff. I am all about naturopathy, essential organic oils, healthy eating, chemical free as possible, nature, homeopathy, soothing music, sound healing frequencies, meditation, visualization, journaling, solitude time, exercise, and creativity.

I am eclectic and unique, different, and vibe at a different frequency, but know my soul tribe is out there. I am connected to some amazing humans.🙏

I am spiritual. Nature is my home which soothes me and inspires me daily. Nature is divine’s gift to us and an amazing canvas is before us to make use of.

Neuroplasticity, sound healing, meditation, and visualization have saved me. I would not be where I am at physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or creatively without it.

The same for masterminds. For over two years I have been part of an amazing community and team of professionals and friends I consider family. I have grown, healed, been inspired, and motivated because of all of them.

They, like me, are private, humble, but giving, compassionate, caring souls.

Surround yourself with beautiful, caring, and loving souls who know things you do not. Be willing to learn and grow and you all succeed. BUT do it without expectations. Give and care because you can and that is who you are.

Our Friendship Bench, 360° Nation, the mastermind community I am part of, and all the loving souls I’m connected to/with- thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I can be vulnerable in a safe space, have access to professionals on a regular basis, give back with my expertise and skills and do so with an open, caring, kind, and compassionate heart, with boundaries in place of course 👍🤣

Please know you can improve and heal. It is a journey. It is a choice. It is a mindset.

Neurons can fire again. Different parts of your brain can step in and take over damaged or injured sections.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me. While I am not a scientist or specialist, I am a caring soul who understands and has many years of professional experience in the areas of loss, grief, and trauma.

Thank you and love and light to you💖🙏


Zeina-Navia Walker
Zeina-Navia Walker
I am an eclectic professional with many interests that surprisingly all tie together. Sometimes the interesting people with what could be seen as 'eccentric' qualities make people laugh, smile, be curious, and just spread a light of happiness & joy to others while encouraging growth and changes in mind-set.

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  1. Zina,
    Thank you for sharing your story. I know that you’ve seen more than your share of struggles and challenges. Your ability to be so open and vulnerable is a gift to others who may also be facing similar struggles. Your optimism and hope are inspiring. And your stories may be the salve for those you never know. Keep on shining your light.

  2. Hi Zina-Vivianne,

    Read your article and I am glad that you survived many head injuries with your will to live and accomplish what you wanted to.

    Reading this from your post filled me with admiration for you. “Migraines, headaches, pain, and more affect me regularly. I am learning to manage all and refuse to give in to the chronic pain I experience along with the challenges put in my path to test my perseverance and determination”.

    This is the core of my post that I sent today to BIZCATALYST on Balanced Thinking.

    You could do nothing about the migraines and accidents you faced. You did not reject them and you did not embrace them either. What you did is taking a stand between the two extremes and that is accepting these incidents and do your best after.
    I salute you.