Boost Your Small Business By Making It More Welcoming

In the business world, the importance of clients can make a huge difference, and also it shows how powerful the marketing system of that growing company is. It is important the way you start your business, how can you attract your customer’s attention, and how welcome they feel when finally they experience your service. There exist many factors that you can do to improve your growing business, and this article will explain the most important ones.

Most of the time, businesses lose clients because they did not feel welcome them the first time they visited the company. The first step to have a welcoming environment is to smile in person. Smiling will make your customers comfortable with you, and that is the thing that can make your customers feel welcome, plus it shows professionalism, too.

When you talk with a person you transmit your energy through the way you express yourself, your intonation and how fast you speak is necessary. It is good to remember that the most important thing is the first impression. So, stay positive whenever you are talking to a customer. Another tip to make your customers feel welcome is the office appearance. How you show yourself can be critical at the moment to speak to you. An example would be an attractive and clean reception area. It gives the customers the idea that the place where they are right now is professional and high-quality service.

The client’s experience begins when they get attracted to an announcement, publicity, or even the building where you have your business. It is essential to make them feel like they are at their home. Build some trust. When a customer listens to only the truth, they will feel comfortable and secure about your service or product. It is small details that make huge changes. Now, after the first impression is made, the next step to follow would be how you greet your clients. Do not ignore the customer’s presence when they arrived at your door. It is not what you sell, but how you sell, and how you sell makes all the difference whether they decide to buy your product or somebody else.

Another great tip is to show interest in your clients. When you value your customer knowing little things about them, make them feel special. When you build a relationship with your customers, you do not just sell them your products, but set aside your products, and start to ask about things that they enjoy doing. People buy from you, not because they like you, but because they are like you. Mirror your customers and that will make them feel even more welcome to your business. When you focus on a friendly environment, distractions and interruptions like phone calls or noises coming from other employees can annoy clients. Doing focus groups interview in a quiet place can be more efficient when you want to meet with your clients. For small business owners, responsibilities are everywhere, but if you can focus on your clients and set aside your phone or avoid messages that make the customer believe that they have all your attention.

Lastly, keep the communication going. Once you give a proper welcome, make sure that you communicate regularly with customers, ask for feedback. Show how much you care about their opinion. Make them feel how valuable their time is. Make them feel like they are welcome anytime. Depending on how they feel and how their experience is a deciding factor as to whether they come back or not, and always say “Thank You” for visiting your business. That will make your business more friendly and welcoming.


Walter Bodell
Walter Bodell
WALTER is a former accountant and financial advisor. He now runs a MedSpa with his son, and consults startup companies. In his free time, Walter likes to golf, cheer on the Arizona Diamondbacks, and write for various business blogs.

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