Blockchain Marketing: A Guide to Promoting Blockchain Projects 2021

When it comes to a project’s activities and fundraising initiatives online, blockchain marketing is critical to a digital strategy’s success. Understanding how digital marketing works for blockchain companies enables projects to sustain brand loyalty, generate online buzz, increase brand awareness and credibility, and build an online community of engaged and responsive followers.

In short, blockchain marketing is an aspect of marketing focused on helping crypto projects and companies to grow brand awareness, foster user adoption, build buzz, and help establish credibility within the crypto ecosystem.

Having worked with some of the brightest names in blockchain, we have come to realize how challenging it can be to create buzz around your project or ICO/IEO/IDO promotion while abiding by crypto advertising rules. This versatile and useful guide lists some of the key concepts to keep in mind to achieve success in the market.

Digital marketing for blockchain companies

Traditional digital marketing for businesses often has many goals, including making a sale, generating, or raising brand awareness. For blockchain companies, these goals can be quite different. This also means that one-size-fits-all approaches to digital marketing won’t cut it in this industry. If your blockchain company is preparing for an initial coin offering, trying to sell its technology to other businesses, or introducing a new product to the marketplace, you’ll require specifically targeted, high-impact digital marketing that’s both innovative and proven.

Therefore, it is essential that you identify your target audience and strategically implement a marketing strategy that will interest them, leading to meaningful interactions, which will ideally result in increased traffic and successful token sale.

Engagement is critical to transforming supporters into actual conversions, developing long-term relationships with potential and existing fans, and creating opportunities for the community to continue learning about the project. When community members are engaged, you can ensure positive user experiences, brand loyalty, and recognition, and also receive valuable user feedback and insight.

Blockchain marketing channels

It is also necessary for blockchain companies to identify which channels are most effective in building community and securing investments. The most important channels include:

  • Website – This is the very first place that most serious investors will start their research. You need a professional website to educate investors about your business and technology.
  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn offers the most effective way to establish relationships with potential investors as well as networking opportunities.
  • Reddit – Reddit is more of a PR platform than to gain followers—your account will look cool in front of a large audience of crypto fans.
  • Twitter – Use Twitter to increase organically the number of your followers and level of engagement around the project. Twitter is also ideal for executing airdrops and bounty campaigns for maximum engagement.
  • BitcoinTalk – This channel is more effective for communication. It allows you to receive the first questions and feedback about your project.
  • Telegram – Create a public project group on Telegram to engage supporters of your project. Be sure to provide round-the-clock monitoring of comments and timely answer all questions in an AMA (ask me anything) manner.
  • Quora – Your strategy on Quora should focus on finding relevant topics on the platform (such as cryptocurrency, blockchain, money transfers, etc.) and answering questions from there. Do this carefully and avoid aggressive marketing in your responses for the best results
  • Facebook – Facebook has banned direct advertising of crypto projects on its site but you can get around this ban by hiring an authorized blockchain advertising agency to manage your marketing campaigns.
  • Influencers – By using influencers who already have an audience that is interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency, companies can reach a larger targeted audience. With influencer marketing, most people are willing to listen because there’s an incentive, and that makes it an extremely powerful tool to reach your target audience.
  • Podcasts/ Interviews – For a blockchain or cryptocurrency project, this is an opportunity to broadcast to a wider audience and educate listeners about the project.

Social media marketing for blockchain projects 

In no way is social media news, but it continues to be one of the best free places to generate interest in your project on a very large stage.

The key to leveraging the power of social media is to be different and stand out. What is your unique selling proposition? What sets you apart from the hundreds of other blockchain startups on social media sites like Facebook? What will make people take notice?

For social media marketing efforts to produce any kind of return, it’s important to execute each post with precision and meaning. There should always be two goals with every post: to engage your audience and drive them towards taking a specific action (such as purchasing your tokens during IEO). Your prospects need to be led in the right way for them to say “yes.” The crypto social media marketing strategy should also have a mechanism for analysis and reporting so that you create what resonates best with your audience.

PR and blockchain marketing 

Having a relationship with journalists and reporters can also help with generating traditional PR in the press. Of course, paid press release services can also help create the awareness and visibility you need for your project.  While blockchain marketing agencies can help make a convincing case by developing and telling positive stories about your project and distributing content to media channels (both traditional and crypto media), you still need to create newsworthy content to gain media coverage. The technology is largely uniform across the blockchain industry, but the back story of the company, the trials, and tribulations, or the expectations of the founders are typically newsworthy.

Without proper PR strategies, even the greatest product will be a waste of time because people will have no idea that it exists. You don’t need to buy followers to build trust among the community.  Positive media engagement can position crypto and blockchain businesses as experts without spending an insane amount of money on advertising.

A blockchain marketing agency can also help with the SEO company aspects of your PR campaigns. By promoting the right keywords and producing both internal contents, such as blog articles and external articles for other sites, your project will gain exposure more quickly and in more relevant places. The more places your project is mentioned, the better. With a sure-fire strategy combining multiple campaigns for promotion, including both SEO and PR, the more knowledge the public will have of your project before the IEO/ICO/IDO. Publicity is critical, and therefore working with a marketing firm that understands how to best promote your token is a no-brainer.

Email marketing for blockchain projects

With email marketing, blockchain companies can use PR and other marketing techniques to keep investors informed about the project’s progress. Of course, it also depends on the audience that the company is trying to target. While email marketing gives businesses a chance to speak to their audience directly, they may only reach audience members who still use email.

Moreover, affiliate marketing is another way for blockchain companies to gain media coverage through a third party. By giving users a way to make money outside of trading, companies give their audience an incentive to use their product or service and tell people about it.

Why you need a blockchain marketing agency 

All blockchain companies need an effective, well thought out and executed marketing plan. While most projects understand the need for a strategic marketing plan, few understand what it is or how to implement one. A blockchain marketing agency will work with you to create and implement a successful marketing plan.

Blockchain companies looking for digital marketing solutions need an agency that knows how to promote crypto projects within the community.

Many blockchain marketing agencies have an online marketing team who are experts in Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and podcast advertising, etc. Some also have Premier Google Partner status which ensures you’ll get the best SEM results. They have SEO and content marketing teams that work to drive more qualified traffic to your website or token sale page.

A blockchain marketing agency can help with the following tasks:

  • Website development and redesign
  • Graphic design work
  • SEO/keyword research
  • Market research
  • Mobile marketing integration
  • Content development
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Paid advertising
  • Metrics and data analysis
  • Public relations work

At TokenMinds, we will guide you through the blockchain marketing process, providing you with real results and useful information every step of the way. We will focus on the data that truly matters to inform our every blockchain marketing strategy, constantly testing, tweaking, and optimizing to ensure every opportunity is realized.

Final thoughts

The efficiency, impact, and reach of your blockchain marketing strategy depend massively upon the channels you use and the message you select to investors about your project or technology. By strategically executing a unique marketing plan to the cryptocurrency market, you can enhance your blockchain marketing, elevate your reputation, and establish long-term relationships with community members.

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