Today, the New Media Institute announced the winners of its 2016 New Media Awards. Websites, mobile applications and videos were recognized for achievements in new media communications.
“Entries this year were extremely impressive,” stated Barbara Eber-Schmid, EVP at the New Media Institute. “Our judges made selections based on innovation, content, design, user-friendliness, how dynamic they are, and most importantly — how well they serve their audience’s needs. Awards recipients should be very proud of what they have accomplished.”
BIZCATALYST 360° is a winner in the 2016 New Media Award’s Web Awards Competition.


About New Media Institute (NMI)
The New Media Institute is a research and fact finding organization whose mission is to improve public understanding of issues surrounding the Internet and new media communications, promotes best practices, covers new media news and publishes white papers on hot topics.

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Lynn Forrester-Pitocco

Congratulations, and I am proud to have been a contributor.

Len Bernat

Dennis – So proud of the BC 360 Team and thank you for your leadership. This award is so well deserved and speaks volumes of how your vision has been a positive influence in a world that needs a light of hope. Congratulations – and like Lynn, I am so proud to be a contributor.

Ken Vincent
Ken Vincent

Way to go, Dennis and team.

Steve DiGioia

Congratulations to Dennis and the entire “Biz Team”. Well done to all.

Eileen Bild

Congratulations!! Dennis, you and your team have done an excellent job and I am proud to be a part of your contribution to the world! A true testament to how a vision can become reality.

Jack Bucalo

Congratulations to Dennis and the 360 team. It is a pleasure to work with you. Jack Bucalo

Bharat Mathur

Commitment to the Cause, Dedication, Untiring Efforts and ‘Never Say Never Again’, the four ingredients mixed in liberal proportions make the potion that overcomes biggest challenges to outshine the competition.

One man and his mission brought the TEAM together to earn the Laurels, the Recognition and the Prestigious Award!

Congratulations, Dennis Sir on this Recognition; Many More to Come!!!

Suzana Pekrul
Suzana Pekrul

Congratulations Dennis and Team 360 on this recognition, just goes to show you what is possible when someone has a vision and people unite for positive change, personal development and growth whether personal or professional. Well done to all and thank you as well for giving me the opportunity to share and be surrounded by such inspirational contributors/people.

mian nouman
mian nouman

Your SEO information is very useful for fresh learner like me. Thanks for supporting us with providing good information.

John Philpin
John Philpin

Many congratulations Dennis …. and the rest of the team …. well deserved. Thank you for including me on the journey.

Bharat Mathur

It is both an honor and a great privilege to be associated with BIZCATALYST 360°. It is not just a forum to share outstanding ideas and experiences but an experience of satisfaction and achievement bar none.

I look forward to the immense value imparted by an impressive panel of high achievers!

Thank You one and all!

Sandy Chernoff

Could not be more proud and delighted to be a part of this amazing group. Our deepest gratitude to our leader: Dennis who has assembled this great team.

Jeanine Joy, Ph.D.

Congratulations! This is wonderful news. I am proud to be a contributor. I am honored to be part of this organization. Thank you, Dennis, for all you do.