Biting Off More Than You Can Chew – The SME Owner Addiction

The Supersize Burger in the picture above, ‘neatly ‘ encapsulates the challenges that we, as SME Owners face, in allocating our time effectively and most productively. In effect, we try to ‘eat the elephant ‘ of our business in large bites, rather than digesting an appropriate amount or ‘sharing the burger’ with others.

We become accustomed to making every decision about everything because we can. We make even consider, that we have to.

We have a skill set or professional qualification that has helped us climb the ladder of an organisation as an employee. Now, we are ready to take the step of starting our own business. The key challenge to us is: How do I check my thinking, my decisions, and or, behaviours? The most critical time is when it just ourselves in our business. Quite often, our culture is set in stone at this point, so that as the business develops, ‘This is how we do things here’, becomes an established fact. We become accustomed to making every decision about everything because we can. We make even consider, that we have to. The role of a business coach can be of significant benefit to the business owner at this point.

A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be the person, you always knew you could be.

–Tom Landry

The coach, in effect, becomes the ‘Critical Friend’ of the business owner. The most precious resource we have is time. It is essential that it is spent wisely.

Leadership in the business is vital. The single person SME who develops authentic Leadership skills ( eg delegation )will be well placed to maximise the benefits of the next person who joins or partners that business.

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Tony Munday
Tony Mundayhttp://www.achievesuccess.org.uk/
TONY developed his expertise during his Police career of 34 years. Whilst a Senior Leader, for 15 years, he recognised the challenges and pressures faced by Leaders, including those which were of his own making. Tony was a ‘maverick ‘as a Leader. He became accredited in, and practiced, coaching as a Leadership Style, and Situational Leadership (adopt a style relevant and appropriate to the context). This was unusual amongst colleagues and peers, who maintained a firm adherence to a ‘command and control’ style, on most occasions. Tony recognised that it was impossible for him to effectively lead and micromanage. In order to develop appropriate trust and motivation amongst those he had responsibility for, he ensured that he knew the person behind the role. This enabled Tony to effectively performance manage, with fairness. Where appropriate, Tony practiced a ‘service’ style of Leadership. He saw his role, as providing the strategic direction, the environment, setting the values and developing the people, so they took responsibility for delivery of their own and other’s performance. The subsequent trust gained, enabled Tony to save significant time compared to peers who micromanaged. Tony used this time on strategic planning and development of people, enabling them to maximise their potential, including out of his teams or departments. This was unique amongst his peers. Many peers behaved as if the first responsibility of their team was to make ‘them’ look good. This stifled development of their teams. Tony’s teams and departments consistently outperformed their contemporaries.