Beyond the Skin

What would happen if all racists saw beyond the skin?

Take a good look
I mean a really good look
What do you see?
A human just like you?
Bearing skin with a different hue?
You say black, I say brown
You say white, I say pink
We are all people of colour you see

Have a good listen
I mean a really good listen
Can you hear the silence?
From stories never told
Lest inconvenient truths are exposed
You say superior, I say different
You take the credit, I set the record straight
All our histories deserve to be heard

Have a good think
I mean a really good think
Is it becoming clear to you
How daft the idea of being racist is?
Pitching your race against my race
You want to be first, I want equity
You got the head start, I’m playing catchup
There has only ever been one human race

Take another look
This time deeper than my skin
Do you see it now?
The red blood that imbued the oceans and mingled with the earth
The same blood that flow through those that reaped the rewards
No more, no less,
Not superior, nor inferior
Just different but yet the same

I hear you ask
From a place of sincerity
What will you have me do?
I don’t want to be treated differently
I don’t fancy being your token pawn
I’m not surrounded by eggshells, feel free to walk normally
Let’s converse honestly about what baffles you
Only the conscious gets to choose

When your mind gets it
I mean your subconscious mind
Would we really need a month of prompting
To realise what has always been?
We all come from the same stream of consciousness
Like the splendour of sunlight manifest in a rainbow
So the splendour of humanity manifests through you and me
To make a better, stronger more beautiful world

Frank Bolaji Irawo
Frank Bolaji Irawohttps://thebreadoflife.wordpress.com/
Frank Bolaji Irawo is an ICF Certified Transformation Coach, Author, Poet, Speaker, mental health advocate, and Project Recovery Specialist. He is passionate about harnessing creativity to help professionals who are stuck, unfulfilled, or burnt-out to have greater clarity, larger impact, and more enriching relationships. His coaching style is empathetic, incisive, and transformational aimed at engaging the whole self. His life work is focused on helping clients gain an understanding of how they create their experiences from the inside out, make the most of their limitless potential and live out of conscious awareness of a fully connected universe. He has over 35 years of leadership experience in several positions in professional and spiritual communities working as a coach, team lead, teacher, speaker, mentor, or counsellor. Driven by his experience of spending many years and thousands of pounds to create the life of his dreams and coming up short. He was teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. He embarked on a study of mindfulness, spirituality, psychology, and neuroscience to discover how to create persistent transformation without having to constantly change things out “there”. This led to him connecting to his true essence, and the enjoyment of real happiness, security, and balance from within. He now uses what he has learnt to help others do the same. He has worked with clients at various levels of leadership at Discovery Communications, Danone, Sainsbury, and Arrow Global. His love for helping people avoid needless suffering has led to the creation of the CALM SELF foundation as a vehicle for supporting causes that meet people’s basic needs as defined by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.