Beware of the Creeping Dream Killer

The fog comes on little cat feet. it sits looking over harbor and city on silent haunches and then moves on.

~Carl Sandburg 1878-1967

There is a culprit out there, I began noticing in some of my clients several years ago, that is almost indistinguishable. It’s hidden and stays out of sight. Unlike a virus, it is slow moving; you must look carefully to see it. Once you read this article, the mystery will be over, and you will disappear this rather unexpected dream killer.

Life in San Francisco in the 60s was every bit as magical as you can imagine. Nothing like it before or since in my life. It was where I lived out loud and in full expression of the spirit within me, anxious and pleading to be released into the world. And I let it fly!

One quarter at San Francisco State I took on five part-time jobs, with my full load! Why? Because I wanted to do them all! Only a few hours for each, every week, it kept me in Nestle Crunch Bars and Milk.

Cool and foggy every morning, even in the fall for the short Indian Summer each year, I arose with the fog. Everyone did. Out and into the world, without my even knowing, by late morning it was gone! Disappeared! Poof! No big deal, really.

Cats are this way, aren’t they? They will slip in and be under your feet and you know it only because the tail lightly touches your ankle. Otherwise, we can be totally unaware of their movement.

The dream killer which I discovered and for which I created a solution … I had to, has likely crept up on you as well as every one of my clients at some point.

Since 2013 I have led hundreds through my 12-week mastermind training, filled to the tippy-top with Napoleon Hill’s principles of success from Think and Grow Rich, Universal Law, and a flood of other disciplines, folded into a foundation on which a small … or a large dream can be realized consistently, over time.

It must have been around 2017 when the ‘cat tail’ got my attention. My clients, some with me for twenty iterations (five years) were doing what they loved, making money, achieving their goals, and by all rights, should be ‘riding on air!’

On our goal-setting call with several one quarter, I didn’t hear joy in their voices … they all were suffering from the same dilemma! It was a slow-moving virus, like fog, like a cat … all I saw was the result. Something was missing.

You may already know that the dream killer is … Resentment. Pervasive, dark, indistinct, it colors our world like a cloud of fog.

So, what do I know to do after fifteen years embedded in success principles and universal law? Find the solution. Find the cause! And I did not give up until I found it!

It’s why time management methods do not work. Everyone was doing what they knew to reach their one goal each quarter. They were also doing ‘something else.’

I began asking them questions and I realized that these people, driven to reach their goal, had their calendars scheduled based on time and money! That was it! No good for the heart-centered servant! Of course!

Not scheduled based on their values, what was important to them; driven by fear, mostly fear of poverty … more clients more money. They moved in the right direction for sure, and achieved, yet blindly, and giving up, or never even considering, the things they value most. And this wasn’t a one-off. This happened a lot … what they call “robbing Peter to pay Paul.”

They ‘could’ do the things to reach their goals … and they were doing that, however, their world was clouded.

I created a short program process based on time blocking called Task Crusher. It’s one of my ‘free reports’ to those who would like to have it.

The first thing was to consider what were their values. Once discovered, the real growth came when they honored the Law of Sacrifice:

Giving up something with lesser value to make room for something of greater value.

If we are heart-centered, people first, money second, and service-oriented, which is a foundational element of my work, the first breakthrough for my clients using this system … our values rather than time or money … was when a paying client showed up and wanted to meet when a family event was already scheduled at that time.

To give up a family event for money (ultimately) does not align with this Law. Do this repetitively, in spaced consecutive intervals over time … which was happening, Resentment begins to grow.

One way then to manage our time, which does not tolerate hesitation, is to look to see if we give honor to the activities we truly value. Entering only things you value in their schedule and specifically during the times they designated or earmarked ‘in advance,’ gave my clients back their healthy and happy ‘glow’ again.

We spent a day together soon after with oversized calendars and once one quarter was done, replicated it through the year. Tested and used now for five years … bye-bye resentment, your cat tail, and the fog!

I love fog. I love cats. I love poetry. Most of all I love slipping between the folds of experience to find and solve obstacles that prevent us from living our lives in full faith and abundance.

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Leslie Flowers
Leslie Flowershttps://leslie-flowers.com/
Leslie Flowers, a trailblazer for women in business and emerging enterprises, is an industry-recognized authority on results and achievement and teaching business principles, universal law, and mindset over 17,000 hours over fifteen years. Leslie developed her Flagship Leadership Mastermind in 2013, the 8 Essentials of Performance and Achievement, for which she developed an agile framework to aid her clients in being in full control of their lives and have influence over conditions and circumstances. Certified coach and consultant (LSC), speaker (CS), and author of seven books, Leslie’s greatest joys in business include mentoring women to “ask for what they deserve … and be paid,” and creating leadership development mastermind training and teams to emerging enterprises.


  1. Fantastic article, Leslie.

    Do dreams and goals behave like a cat that creeps between our legs and only is observed by the gentle wagging of its tail?
    Is this a new definition for emerrgent phenomena They creep in like cats do.
    Something to ponder on and on.

    The other great thought of your post is surrenderiing the less important dfor the sake of the more imprtant issues.
    How many people fail the test? The other day I saw a clinic with about 20 patent waiting even the clinic close time was nearing .
    It is a test indeed,